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Multi Touch Screen 49inch Advertising Kiosk

Multi Touch Screen 49inch Advertising Kiosk

New 46 to 50 Inch Wide Touch Screens for Elo, Samsung, NEC, HP, Planar. Lowest Prices, Factory Warranty, Secure Ordering.

Multi touch screen 49inch lcd display advertising kiosk hot sale video digital display stand



Touch screen Features:

  1. 1. Double-point write with peace,precise multi-point touching.

  1. 2. USB interface, Intelligent automatic calibration, drive-free and maintenance-free.

  1. 3. Longevity of service ,maintenance free.

  1. 4. Aluminum alloy shell with strong stability.

  1. 5. Tempered glass with high light transmittance and true color rendition.

  1. 6. Without driver ,supporting plug and play.

  1. 7. Adapt to internal and external linked environment.

  1. 8. No touching tools,no special touching pen is required ,only your finger.

  1. 9. Fast response(less than 16 ms), no blind area, breakpoints, jump points, pause and other undesirable phenomena


Touch screen Specifications:

Physical CharacteristicsColor/MaterialBlack / Alumnium
GlassTempered glass
Transparency≥85% (up 100 percent)
USB cable150cm
Minimum touch object diameter≥5mm
Touch MediaFinger, touch pen opaque object
Resolution4096 * 4096
Electrical Characteristics        Scanning Frequency 120Hz
Communication Interface Protocol USB2.0
Data output Coordinate output
Response time <15ms
Touch accuracy 2mm
Operating Voltage DC + 5V +/- 5%
Power supply USB
Working current <180mA
  Environmental Adaptability      Operating temperature -20 ℃ ~ 65 ℃
 Storage temperature -40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃
 Working humidity 0-85% RH, non-condensing matter
 Storage humidity 0-95% RH, non-condensing matter
 Light resistance The whole point of anti-glare
  Reliability    Touch Clicks Unlimited
 Flame retardant UL94V-0
 certified product CE, FCC, ROHS
  Operating system WinXP / WIN7 / WIN8 / VISTA / LINUX / MAC / ANDROID  


Touch screen Application:     

  • TV 

  • PC   

  • Gaming device

  • Exhibition

  • Education training 

  • Pubic query machine

  • Self-service machine

  • Map directory

  • Any interactive machine   

  • And more

What is "Multitouch"?

Multitouch is a method of input on a touchscreen that allows two or more fingers to be used on the screen at one time.Our Touc is famous for introducing multitouch to the game machine,KIOSK interactive display,Advertising Display in the world by using it to allow pinching and stretching gestures on the screen to control zooming. Multitouch is something typically associated with the newest touchscreen technology.

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