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75'' Touch Screen Solution

75'' Touch Screen Solution

Touch screen tablets and emergent literacy 1 . Touch screen tablets and emergent literacy Capacitive touch screen used for tablet and emergent literacy, which make people’s life more colorful. Entertainments such as game chess, networking, stand-alone, users can experience at any time, and free...

capacitive touch screen active stylus

1. capacitive touch screen active stylus


Interactive LCD & LED Touch Screens are revolutionising the way we teach, train and present. Interactive technology enables you to present and capture all of the contents of your training or teaching session in real time.

Its applications are limitless ranging from education, presentations, boardroom and conference room collaboration or being used as interactive information kiosks.

An Interactive touch screen connects to your PC, Laptop or Mac and displays your presentation onto a 55", 65", 70", or 82" LCD or LED panel. Captivate your audience when you open applications, navigate the web, use the virtual keyboard to type information, annotate over the top of the displayed information or utilise your existing interactive whiteboard software.

2. Product Parameter( specification) of capacitive touch screen active stylus

Model No



75  Inch

IC solution




Total Thickness

3.45   ± 0.2 mm



Cover   Lens O.D.

1711.66mm * 991.44 mm ± 0.1mm

Active   Area

1652.66mm * 930.94 mm ± 0.5mm

Surface   hardness

>   6H



1.structure:G+F+F  ≥20 touch points

2.material of cover lens:Glass,surface hardness>6H            

3.TP lominlous >83%

4.TP working temperature:-10℃~+60℃,    humidity :20%~85%RH

5.TP storage temperature:temperature :-20℃~+80℃,humidity:20%~85%RH

6.IC: SIS 5+2 controller  channel:RX:128 TX:72  

7.Consistent with RoHS standard

8. tolerance of those parts without any notes %P0.2mm

3. Product feature of capacitive touch screen active stylus



4. Product details of capacitive touch screen active stylus

5. Application of capacitive touch screen active stylus



6. Product of Qualification of capacitive touch screen active stylus








1. Why use Metal Mesh?

More than 10X better surface resistance than ITO. 

High transparency with high electrical conductivity.

Flexible films that can be formed, molded, and withstand torsion and tension.  

Low cost manufacturing process

2.Flexibility of Metal Mesh Film?

Superior flexibility, withstanding 90 degrees folding, enables borderless touch panel application

3.Metal Mesh Advantages?

High transparent, low cost. full size, process simplifications.

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