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3D touch for mobile phone
May 11, 2018

The technology site Patently Apple reported that a patent content showed that Apple is developing technology that can use finger touch control on the back of an iPad or iPhone.

According to the report, the body size of smart phones and tablet computers is getting larger and larger. Users often need to use two hands to operate. The user experience during the process may become more and more inconvenient. If the back of the mobile device body can also have a finger touch operation function, it can be used more convenient.

The back touch technology developed by Apple does not touch the back touch function when a user picks up a smart phone or a tablet computer by hand, especially if the user presses the touch with a finger in a specific area behind the camera body. , it will start the back touch mode,

For example, if the user browses a long document, he or she can use the finger to touch the back of the body to achieve the effect of returning to the previous page of the document. The touch function on the back of the camera can also be used to further manipulate the basic operating functions of the front screen of the device.

Appleinsider, a technology website, reported last September that Apple has a strong interest in advanced force detection technology and plans to apply 3D Touch touch on the back of the device. The new detection force application technology accurately senses the force applied from the back of the device. The accuracy of sensing is not affected by the ruggedness of the device case. The device thickness can be even thinner and lighter without affecting the device. Forces the accuracy of sensing.

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