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all in one touch screen
May 23, 2018

As we all know, the touch screen integrated machine is a major product of rapid development of modernization and has a high degree of operational convenience. It can practically solve multi-functional operations such as inquiries and business operations of major companies or promotion of self-help shopping. As equipment requires long-term live operation Inevitably, the phenomenon of static electricity will inevitably occur. The generation of static electricity will affect the operation of the touch screen integrated machine. Therefore, the following methods can be used to reduce the generation of static electricity:

How to Reduce Electrostatic Disturbance to Touch Screen Machine

Part 1: Reduce the dust in the installation environment

The touch screen integrated machine has a certain adsorption capacity because it is a charged body. The dust around the body will be adsorbed on the body. If too much dust accumulates, a large amount of static electricity will be generated. With static electricity, the operator will be able to operate during operation. All kinds of unresponsiveness or system disorder, and affect the user's operating experience is serious, it will lead to the touch-screen machine is normal, so want to normal operation of the device must think of ways to reduce the dust in the installation environment and to maintain daily Clean the dust in time.

Part 2: Making Installation Settings for the Grounding Cord

In order to effectively reduce the interference caused by static electricity on the touch screen integrated machine, the ground wire must be connected during the initial installation so that the static electricity generated by the ground wire can be quickly led into the underground, and the power line can be The signal lines should be effectively separated to minimize the mutual interference of the electromagnetic fields, so as to prevent the generation of static electricity and cut off the conditions generated by the static electricity to use the touch-sensitive integrated machine more effectively and safely.

Part 3: Appropriate use of screen protection

Many operators themselves are static electricity generators and will also carry a certain amount of static electricity to the touch screen machine. Therefore, in order to better prevent the static electricity generated by the human body from affecting the operation of the equipment, it is necessary to use screen protection effectively. Protecting or isolating the static electricity, using the screen protection device can not only directly contact with the body of the device, but also can reduce the generation of static electricity by safer operation.

It can be seen that it is necessary to effectively prevent the touch screen machine from being disturbed and damaged by static electricity, and to do the above related measures, and also to pay attention to effective protection and maintenance in the process of installation to reduce the invasion by static electricity, in addition to effective Clear the dust on the device. Take care to prevent static electricity and use shield properly. Also, pay attention to the reasonable grounding wire layout during the installation of the touch screen integrated device to prevent static electricity from causing interference.

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