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AMOLED flexible screen will drive the development of thin film touch technology
Feb 02, 2018

South Korea Herald" reported a news: Samsung Display panelmanufacturer of Samsung Display has again signed an agreement of next year's iPhone 9 OLED panels supply with Apple Inc. In fact, since the first half of 2016, the Korean media reported that Samsung and Apple Corp signed a two-year supply contract. The former will provide 92 million pieces of AMOLED panel for the latter. After that, the market's enthusiasm for AMOLED display panel has been burning until now. As the world leader in the world's smartphone, Apple Corp, the introduction of the AMOLED screen, undoubtedly has a wind vane for the entire field of smart phones. According to the contract, Samsung will provide 70 million to 92 million small curved surface OLED panels for apple in 2017. Apple now has about more than 200 million iPhone shipments per year, which means that about 30% to 40% of the iPhone shipped this year is equipped with curved AMOLED display. At present, the application of OLED panel accounts for more than 70% of the AMOLED panels applied on smart phones, so the current iteration for smart phone LCD screen is the main driving force for the growth of OLED screen.

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