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capacitive touch screen for interactive flat panel
Jan 31, 2018

With people-oriented, an effort on research and development, Cinotop has developed super size capacitive touch screen modules. Bulk supply 21.5 ", 23.5", 27 ", 32" and 42 "55", 65, 75 "and other specifications of the capacitive touch screen for high-performance touch-sensitive displays, super Tablet PC, IT interactive display, smart desktop, entertainment and smart office applications. Capacitive touch panel has long service life and real super size multi-touch, more sensitive than infrared touch screen, resistive touch screen and other touch screens.

Touch film is a new, transparent touch-sensitive film, which perceive human finger touch across substrate (Refers to the nonmetallic substrates, including glass, acrylic, wood, plastic, etc), realizing accurate location by electrostatic induction. It is the core component of the touch screen and other precise positioning device.

Through constant research, development and innovation,  No driver required, support various operation system, plug and play, support 10 to 100 touch points, maximum thickness of glass 10mm, size including 10 to 180 inch.

With the appearance of cool, transparent, durable, touch film is high-tech product that replaces the existing interactive display technology, traditional interactive media. It can save a lot of energy and reduce the electronic pollution of the product.



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