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Capacitive touch screen shortcomings
Dec 14, 2017

1. Capacitive touch screen transmittance and clarity better than four-wire resistive screen, of course, can not and surface acoustic wave screen and five-wire resistive screen compared. Capacitive screen reflective serious, and capacitive technology, four-layer composite touch screen light transmittance of light at different wavelengths, there is the problem of color distortion, due to the reflection of light in the layers, but also cause fuzzy image characters.

2. Current: The capacitive screen, in principle, treats the human body as an electrode of a capacitor element. When a conductor is coupled with a capacitor of sufficient capacitance between the ITO working surface and the interlayer, the current flowing is enough to cause the capacitive Misoperation.

3. Although the capacitance value is inversely proportional to the distance between the electrodes, but with the relative area is proportional to, and also with the medium of the insulation coefficient. Therefore, when a large area of the palm or hand-held conductor close to the capacitive screen rather than touch can cause capacitive screen malfunction, in wet weather, this situation is particularly serious, holding the display with the palm of your hand close to the display 7 cm Within 15 cm of the body or near the display can cause capacitive screen malfunction. Another disadvantage of the capacitive screen is that there is no reaction when touched with a gloved hand or a hand-held non-conductive object because of the addition of a more insulating medium.

4. Drift: Capacitor screen is more the main drawback is the drift: When the ambient temperature and humidity changes, the environmental electric field changes, will cause the capacitor screen drift, resulting in inaccurate. For example, the temperature of the monitor increases after the device is turned on, which may cause drift. When the user touches the screen, the other hand or the body side will drift near the display; the larger object near the capacitive touch screen will drift after being moved; if the user touches Will also cause drift; capacitor screen drift due to technical inherent deficiencies, environmental potential surface (including the user's body) and capacitive touch screen even farther, but much larger than the finger area, they directly affect the touch position Determination.

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