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comercial touch screen display
Jul 12, 2018

Commercial display product

In the commercial display touch market, multi-touch devices are used in a large amount, but the requirements for control accuracy are lower. At the same time, most of them do not require handwriting input functions, and their background application support is relatively simple, focusing on the application of several types of film. on. In the application process, multi-person simultaneous multi-point operation is more common, and multiple operation combinations are formed due to different spaces, resulting in more complicated operation actions. Such multi-touch technology is more to the professional application direction of the industry to develop, and according to different applications to take the corresponding interactive presentation. For example, ATMs, POS systems, cash registers, and industrial and military devices can be seen everywhere, and touch products can be seen everywhere.

Education and entertainment products

Compared with personal consumer products, multi-touch products started late in the education market. Only a few products support two-touch, and there is no mainstream application support yet.

It is believed that in the future education market, voice, video and text, the information storage medium and the display terminal are integrated into one handheld reader. The e-book is easy to carry, easy to use and has a large capacity. It is very suitable for modern and progressive life. The friendly man-machine interface with touch function increases its practicality. Replacing paper textbooks with e-books can save paper and protect the ecological environment. In addition, e-books not only contain a large amount of learning resources and rich content, but also flexible expressions, easy to operate, as well as tests of hobbies, specialties, and learning abilities. Etc., it is convenient for teachers to teach students in accordance with their aptitude and promote the progress of students' achievements.

Electronic blackboard is a high-tech electronic product that replaces traditional blackboard. The electronic blackboard integrates the functions of projectors, LCD TVs, computers and other office devices. With special writing functions, it is more convenient for information processing and more vivid. It can improve the teaching efficiency of teachers, enhance the classroom atmosphere, strengthen the interaction between teachers and students; comprehensively record the teaching process, easy for students to review and summarize; let students connect theory with reality, turn abstract things into lines, concrete things Shown; for example, the teacher is introducing the ecology of the mangroves. The electronic blackboard can show the plants, animals, underwater ecology and other substances into exactly what they have to do, improve the students' ability to use knowledge, and let more students participate in teaching and concentrate students. Attention to enhance students' understanding.

The electronic blackboard has evolved from the previous single-touch to the current multi-touch, which has enabled the teacher's teaching to develop from the plane to the space, and gradually realized the interaction between the computer and the human. The plot in the previous science fiction movie is gradually appearing in our In everyday life. In the future, people's lives will be accompanied by the application of electronic blackboards.

On the other hand, it is very natural to operate the screen props by fingers. Touch technology is also widely used in the entertainment field, especially video games, which frees the user from abstract button operations.

For example, the works of the popular puzzle games are almost all in the intuitive operation mode, and the player can fully enjoy the game by simply scanning the screen.

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