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Education touch whiteboard
Apr 24, 2018

For early childhood education, interest in learning is often a direct motivation for children's learning. However, interests and preferences are not inherent in nature. Instead, they are caused by the novelty and uniqueness of external materials to satisfy children’s exploration and curiosity needs. . However, the rational use of the "Multimedia Teaching Machine" by Hongshida can optimize these factors and better stimulate children's interest in learning.

Kindergarten uses a multimedia interactive touch screen integrated machine to demonstrate the trend of the era of touch screen devices, to meet the students curiosity learning psychology, electronic whiteboard teaching one machine to promote the children to explore the growth of knowledge psychology, from childhood to develop children's awareness and familiarity with technology products;

When the teacher uses the multimedia touch one machine to teach, the children can clearly see the entire operation process, so this unknowingly improved the students' comprehensive quality, touch one machine interactive teaching experience, and enhanced the classroom interaction effect;

The touch-to-one teaching machine utilizes its high-quality features such as integration, energy-saving, and interactivity to create an atmosphere full of emotions and immersive atmosphere for children and a multi-faceted physical experience, so that children can not only obtain a large amount of information in specific situations. Vivid, vivid, concrete appearance, and can feel the infection of specific atmosphere, active children's thinking, inspire children's curiosity, trigger the child's learning motivation, and achieve an efficient teaching and scientific interactive experience;

The capacitive touch screen teaching touch one machine used in kindergarten can have all the operating functions on the computer. The teacher can use various learning resources through the network in time. Whether it is music, video, or poetry or arithmetic, it can directly use online resources to teach. , colorful. In addition to the computer function, the teaching machine is equipped with a touch function. You can use drawing tools at any time. You can draw a standard circle, square, polygon, etc. with your finger; you can point out the measurement tools such as ruler, triangle ruler and protractor at any time. , Annotation; can be turned forward or backward page, making teaching more flexible; can change and save the courseware in real time; can choose the teaching content according to the situation of the classroom spontaneously, convenient and quick touch operation, improve the teacher Teaching efficiency and children's learning efficiency

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