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Feature of optical bonding and air bonding
Aug 15, 2018

As we all know, the common display screen and touch screen fitting methods on the market are divided into two ways: full fit and frame stick. If a person who doesn't understand the line hears these two terms and certainly doesn't know the difference between them, or what kind of advantages and disadvantages they all have may not be clear, today Xiaobian comes to explain this issue with everyone. For a moment, I hope to have a deeper impression on how to understand the fit of the display and the touch screen.

Fully fitted display features:

The fully-fitted display completely bonds the protective glass, the touch screen and the display screen in a seamless manner, omitting the air layer existing between the display screen and the touch screen, making the screen thickness thinner. The visual effect is perfectly presented, it looks more beautiful, reduces the chance of getting into the gray, the picture is more transparent, enhances the display effect, and makes the screen thinner. It seems that the full fit is more aesthetic and practical. However, the full-fit technology has a low yield and is relatively expensive, and once damaged, the entire screen needs to be replaced.

The characteristics of the frame display:

The frame is attached. The frame display screen uses double-sided tape to fix the touch screen and the four sides of the display panel. There is a gap between the display panel and the touch screen, and the operation is relatively simple and the process is relatively mature. Mature technology, stable yield rate gives the biggest advantage of frame, cheaper and simpler replacement. It also has a feature that the screen is thick and the overall body cannot be thin. There are gaps, and dust is the biggest enemy that exists. In addition, the reflective surface of the frame and the glass are more obvious, and the display effect is relatively poor.

Through the above content, I believe that everyone understands the relationship between the two very thoroughly. The perfect fit technology is not one or two things compared to the frame-up. From the display effect to the screen-out, there is still a gap of dust. It is said that all the display screens are more dominant.

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