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flexible touch screen display interactive
Apr 20, 2018

With the development of science and technology, school teaching equipment has also been greatly improved. From the traditional blackboard chalk to the electronic whiteboard, to the teaching one, the continuous upgrading of the equipment's function is also more conducive to teaching. The touch screen integrated machine integrates advanced touch screen, industrial control, computer and other technologies to achieve public information query, with fingerprints, scanners, card readers, micro-printers and other peripherals, which can achieve fingerprint attendance, credit card, printing, etc. Specific needs. The electronic whiteboard is a leader in the field of education. It can use the projector to project the contents of the computer onto the screen of the electronic whiteboard. It is a good assistant for teaching and office work. The momentum of the touch one machine is also increasing. What is the difference between the two? One machine and electronic board in the end which is better?

The appearance of the electronic whiteboard and the touch one machine looks somewhat similar, but the electronic whiteboard is only a physical electronic whiteboard. If it is not connected to a computer, the electronic whiteboard is an ordinary writing whiteboard. Even if it is connected to a computer, you need to install the electronic whiteboard driver software before you can use it. , The electronic whiteboard application teaching field has been for many years, now the touch one machine is catching up, in the education field gradually erodes the electronic whiteboard market. Why does the touch one machine take advantage of the education market in such a short time? What is the difference between an electronic whiteboard and a touch one?


First, the use of different convenience

 The touch one machine integrates the electronic whiteboard software, computer, television, host computer, display, and audio into a whole, eliminating the cumbersome wiring, only one power cord can be connected, and now the touch one machine supports the WIFI function and also eliminates it. The trouble of inserting the network cable, and the electronic whiteboard needs to be connected with the projector, the computer, the sound, etc., the connection is complicated, and the use is cumbersome.


Second, different clarity

The teaching machine's screen sharpness is 4-5 times that of the projector. Even in the sunlight, it can enjoy a clear picture, ending the "dark age" of the curtain class; the screen is specially treated to resist scratches and corrosion. Easy to clean, anti-impact, with screen anti-reflective, scattering technology; display is not affected by light, infrared, etc., writing screen without shadow.


Third, different health and safety

 Touch the machine health and environmental protection, safe and reliable: zero radiation, low power consumption, no noise, help protect the eyes and health; TV display, to avoid the teacher in front of the lecture, the projector direct light damage the eyes, let the teacher And students are protected from chalk dust.


Fourth, the maintenance costs are different

 The touch-sensitive machine has a simple operation and a long service life, and is extremely low in cost compared to the electronic whiteboard. The projectors used in traditional electronic whiteboards are of mixed quality. After being used for a period of time, they need to be replaced with projectors or rear-projection bulbs. The cost for each replacement is about 2,000 to 6,000 yuan, which increases the cost of using the electronic whiteboard in the later period. The touch-sensitive machine has a life of 50,000 hours and almost no other usage costs.

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