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Flexible touch screen material
May 16, 2018

The project broke through the synthesis technology of polyimide slurry for flexible substrates, designed a molecular structure with independent intellectual property rights, and met the key characteristics of high thermal stability, high tensile strength and low thermal expansion coefficient; On behalf of the AMOLED mass production line for the engineering verification of domestic flexible substrate materials, completed the preparation of the domestic first 6-inch high-resolution flexible AMOLED prototype using domestically-made flexible PI substrate materials. The prototype display characteristics and bending resistance characteristics have reached advanced levels. Level.

The acceptance expert group believed that the project completed the project assessment objectives and technical indicators, affirmed the R&D achievements and application results achieved by the project, and believed that the successful implementation of the project will play an important role in promoting the industrialization of flexible AMOLEDs in the future and localization of key materials. As a result, it was agreed that the project will pass technical acceptance.

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