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interactive display interactive flat panel
Apr 08, 2018

“Multi-touch” is an interactive display technology that has emerged in recent years. It can use the user's finger to directly touch the contents of the display screen to manipulate the computer. Compared to traditional touch screen multi-touch technology that only supports single-point contacts, the advantages are:

1) Multi-touch, multi-touch technology can identify multiple finger contacts of the user touching the screen, and simultaneously control a plurality of contents displayed on the screen according to different electric shock positions; the technology also supports user-defined multi-points Touch gestures, such as one-handed dragging of pictures, two-handed rotation, and zooming pictures, have natural and intuitive interactive features.

2) After the user, multi-touch technology can be placed horizontally to form a multi-touch interactive desktop, or it can be placed vertically to form a multi-touch interactive wall surface. At the same time, because the multi-touch screen edge width is close to 0, it is desirable that multiple screens be placed side by side to expand into an interactive display wall surface (desktop) with a super large-format surface.

The multi-touch interactive screen incorporates advanced research results in the fields of physical optics, computer vision, and artificial intelligence. It has a high level of knowledge and can be widely used in military, education, culture, business, entertainment, and other fields. It is the next generation to lead the next generation. The frontier product of the natural interactive computer concept.

The company's multi-touch products include multi-point interactive desktop and multi-point interactive wall surfaces. Among them, the multi-point interactive desktop has screen sizes of 43-inch, 46-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch, 75-inch, 86-inch and other products. It can also be customized according to customer needs: Multi-point interactive wall can be based on customer specific needs and The site conditions are customized, and the size of the single wall can reach 100 inches. At the same time, an ultra-wide interactive projection wall can be formed through seamless mosaic of multiple screens.

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