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interactive flat panel display
Apr 11, 2018

The touch screen is a human-computer interaction device. It covers the screen of the display. When the user touches the screen, the touch screen can recognize the position of the touch point, the direction and speed of the touch, and transmit the signal to the computer to implement the interaction between the user and the computer.

The appearance of the touch screen product, some appear as a film can be attached to the display, such as the use of resistive touch screen mobile phone; some does not exist a solid "screen", just a display screen border with the appropriate side frame. Infrared touch screens and optical image touch screens represent a box that forms an invisible "infrared sensor grating" on the surface of the screen during operation.

Development Status of China's Touch Screen Industry: Shipment of Touch Screens Boosted

In recent years, driven by the high-end electronic products of Apple and other manufacturers, the development of the touch screen industry has become more and more in-depth, and the expanding field has become wider and wider. Accumulation has gradually entered the period of qualitative change.

Mainland China is a global electronics manufacturing base. With the increase in the volume of electronic products such as smart phones, Pads, and Win8 touch screens, the volume of touch screen shipments has also risen. The touch screen industry in China has seen new features.

According to data released by the Industry Research Institute of Forward-looking Industry in the "2018-2023 China Touch Screen Industry Market Demand Forecasting and Investment Strategic Planning Analysis Report," China's touch panel shipments during the period of 2010-2016 showed rapid growth, with an average annual growth rate over the previous six years. The rate is at a high level, reflecting the rapid development of the Chinese touch screen industry.

In 2015, China's touch panel shipments were 760.68 million, an increase of 33% year-on-year. In 2016, China shipped 849.82 million touch panels, an increase of 12% year-on-year.

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