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interactive touch screen table
May 29, 2018

The concept of intelligent restaurant is constantly being mentioned, and people continue to explore and implement it. The earliest to let everyone know this concept is our unmanned restaurant, Mr. Ma Yunma, who was also involved in self-service ordering at the time. Since then, we have only begun to understand the unmanned restaurants, while lamenting the power of technology, and we hope to realize it sooner. In Xi'an, another unmanned smart restaurant will be opened. From a national point of view, no-future restaurants in the future will spring up in spring.


Xi'an nobody intelligent restaurant


The unmanned restaurant in Xi'an can self-check out and provide real-time 7 categories, more than 60 kinds of meals, as well as various packages, so that it is convenient for consumers to eat, but also take care of a reasonable diet. The address of the restaurant is at the Fengmao 8th Road and Mingguang Road, where visitors can see the dining guide map. The most important thing in the restaurant is the dining table. Because it looks like a big tablet. Can it really be used for dinner?


Xi'an nobody intelligent restaurant


The table mentioned above is commonly referred to as a smart table. From the outside, it is no different from the general table. Two, four, and more people are allocated to the dining table. When we started ordering, we started by ordering the software on the smart table. Clear and intuitive through the touch screen, large-screen operation is not easy to make mistakes. After ordering the dishes, submit the order and immediately checkout. The generated order will print out the ticket directly in the kitchen. If we add food or call a waiter halfway through, we can do it directly through the smart table. Of course, no one restaurant can do more than this, more features will continue to update with the development of technology.

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