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interactive touch table
May 02, 2018

Using a tea table model, touch-resistant touch-sensitive devices are used for daily use of the coffee table. MultiTouch technology refers to a technology that allows a computer user to control a graphical interface with multiple fingers at the same time. A multi-touch device is composed of a touchable device (eg, a computer monitor, a desk, a wall) or a touch pad, and the software recognizes the point where the touch action is performed at the same time.

Touch table function

1. Can integrate the basic business needs of multiple industries, such as KTV song, food ordering system, real estate exhibition, telecommunications / mobile / bank self-service business, car pre-sale display, wedding photography show, tourist attractions, museums / Science Museum introduction and other functions

2. Interactive entertainment system, multi-touch interactive games, multi-person participation, active atmosphere, increase user spending;

3. Can connect to the Internet, web browsing, information acquisition.

4. Peripheral information inquiry, convenient service

5. Extended functionality (other real-world applications may require secondary development)

The characteristics of touch coffee table

First, high cost performance.

One can replace old-fashioned coffee tables, dining tables, and peripheral multimedia entertainment facilities to improve grades, reduce costs, and cost-effectively.

Second, multi-touch, many people operate at the same time.

Unique patented optical interactive imaging technology, real multi-touch, no ghost points; fully compatible with TUIO and Windows multi-touch standards; to achieve simultaneous recognition of more than 100 touch points; user finger touch sensing, unlike projection interactive games, only Recognizing the arm waving, it cannot achieve dazzling touch gesture control. At the same time, more than 10 people operate without disturbing each other.

Third, flexible configuration flexibility for personalized users to provide different design services to meet the individual needs.

Appearance according to customer needs to design different styles, sizes, materials, etc., the desktop can choose tempered glass or LCD screen, the host configuration can also be flexible according to the demand for you to create the most cost-effective products.

Fourth, rich industry needs and applications, cross-domain operations, increased sales.

Widely used: family, KTV, bar, catering, real estate, wedding photography, communications, banking, tourism, exhibition halls, science and technology museums, museums and so on.

Fifth, the surface is flat.

The surface is glass, and unlike the infrared frame multi-touch screen, there is a 1-2cm border protrusion.

Six, waterproof, scratch, fight.

The surface of the coffee table: waterproof, scratch-proof, and shock-resistant, fully meet the performance requirements of the traditional coffee table (infrared box can not be achieved).

Seven, high sensitivity.

High refresh rate: The refresh rate of the touch is 60fps, and the touch experience is first-rate without any lag.

Eight, high-definition screen.

4:3 HD picture, ultra-short focus high brightness projector. Unique anti-interference light design, can work under the sun and spotlights.

The reason why touch-type coffee table is tall is because touch-type coffee table is very different from ordinary coffee table, especially the multi-functional and high-tech function of touch-type coffee table makes consumers brighten up. Many KTVs already use touch-type coffee table. To serve the customer, it can be seen how powerful the touch coffee table is. The touch coffee table is more powerful than you think. If you feel that the touch coffee table needs careful care, it is said to be wrong. It is said that the touch coffee table is particularly strong in terms of its waterproofness, non-slip resistance and anti-strike ability.

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