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interactive whiteboard advantages education
May 05, 2018

From blackboards to whiteboards, from whiteboards to electronic whiteboards, from electronic whiteboards to interactive electronic whiteboards, through continuous innovation and reforms, interactive whiteboards are a collection of text, graphics, video, animation, video, audio and other information. The integrated functions, as well as the features of flexible and rapid integrated processing and control of information, show the strong advantages of modern high-tech applications in the teaching field, breaking the traditional teaching mode of chalk, a blackboard, and a mouth. Development of new teaching models.

  First, the advantages of interactive whiteboard

  1. Use interactive whiteboards to stimulate student interest.

Articles incorporated into textbooks focus on ideological education for students and add texts with beautiful language, novel ideas and open boundaries. It cultivates student sentiment, improves students' aesthetic ability, promotes the development of students' thinking, and enriches their language. When studying these articles, it was not possible to rely on one teacher's mouth or one pen. The teacher was dry-mouthed and the students were confused. The interactive whiteboard through the audio screen, vivid, vivid, specific, and easy to introduce the students into the realm of the portrayal of the article, highlight the theme of the article, deepen the students' understanding of the text, cultivate the sentiment to broaden their horizons and enhance the aesthetic ability.


  2. Use interactive whiteboards to promote interactive exploration.

The electronic interactive whiteboard provides a basis for the interaction between teachers and students in classroom teaching. The interactive function of the electronic whiteboard facilitates student interaction, teacher-student interaction, and human-computer interaction in classroom teaching. It fundamentally changes the interaction between teachers and students in the classroom and lays a foundation for the establishment of a classroom centered on active student learning. technical foundation.

In my article "The Shepherd Who Planted Trees", I transferred the related sentences found by students from the resource library and presented them on the whiteboard. Ask students to report their gains before the electronic whiteboard. Students draw on the whiteboard with the electronic pen. Key words, talking about their own feelings, in the process of exchange, my students and students will be modified and commented on the whiteboard accordingly.


  3. Use interactive whiteboard to improve the efficiency of the exercise.

In the classroom test, the whiteboard booth was used to display the test questions completed by the students and the electronic pen was used to correct and correct them. Not only is it helpful for emphasizing typical issues, but it can also serve as a demonstration for the writing of some students. In particular, in the writing instruction class, the outstanding work written by the students in the class or the composition evaluation of the questions in the lecture class can be easily and effectively achieved with the help of the exhibition stand.

In addition, the interactive whiteboard can also realize real-time storage and resource sharing of on-line books for use in the next class, the next school year or in other classes, or shared with other teachers; it can also be distributed in electronic format or printed out to students for lessons. After studying or as review materials.

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