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interactive whiteboard smart touch
Apr 20, 2018

In the past, corporate meetings were all electronic whiteboards, projectors, and computer equipment. Not only were they required to be painted, but they were also moved around. They were too cumbersome to use. Now, with the advancement of technology, you don't need to hold your left-hand notebook or right-handed mouse. You don't have to adjust your display device such as a projector when time is tight. Now you only need one conference touch-control machine. Get it all. Real-time interactive conference can also be realized. You can write comments on this platform, play your meticulously prepared annual report, or display the company's record screen. You can point the country on your conference touch-sensitive machine to stimulate the text; Participate in; multiplayer interaction


Through the conference touch one machine, the company's meeting is more and more relaxed, without projection, without a computer, you can easily operate Word, execl, ppt and other documents with your fingers, convenient and practical, but also improve the efficiency of the work, saving the meeting Time; and meeting minutes can also be recorded, after the meeting can be repeated.


In the daily use of meetings, training only needs to be ready to use U disk to copy the interactive touch one machine directly on the screen with a touch screen pen, fingers, pointers or other opaque objects to open the file, and then directly interact, explain, comment, Rewrite, record, save; convenient for next meeting to review. [electronic class card]


In addition to its powerful functions, the touch-on-one touch-meeting machine combines the features of lightness, thinness, and ease of movement. It can be hung on a roller bracket and one person can push it between the conference room and the office at any time or on the wall. Do not take up extra space, a key switch machine, usually without special maintenance.


Conference touch one machine meeting training applications: visual, interactive, collaborative:

Visible: High-performance, large-screen display, and information presented in the most easily understood and accepted way.

Interaction: Multi-touch operation can be performed directly on the screen to control the displayed information content and has a humanized handwriting annotation function.

Collaboration: A process in which people agree on the content of information through communication. Through visualization and interaction, the effect of collaboration can be greatly improved.

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