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interactive whiteboard smart touch education touch board
Apr 26, 2018

Since SMART invented the world’s first interactive whiteboard in 1991, SMART’s interactive smart whiteboard has sold 2 million units worldwide. Over 1 million classrooms across the world use SMART Board interactive whiteboards in 175 countries to educate users. More than 40 million people, as of 2012 SMART's global market share reached 50%. Why are so many educators interested in SMART products and what are the characteristics of SMART products in the education industry?

I. Application features of SMART products in the education industry:

SMART interactive whiteboard ease of use features, SMART has been committed to the education industry for more than 20 years, how to design an easy-to-use interactive whiteboard is its always uphold concept, the world's first touch recognition function: pick up the pen can write, change The finger becomes the cursor mode and is replaced by the palm eraser mode, which does not require any click tool operation. The whiteboard automatically recognizes the user's different touch gestures.

The interactive concept of the SMART Notebook whiteboard courseware and the interactive and operational characteristics of the whiteboard itself make it easier for the classroom to explain the movement of the editing objects. This facilitates the interaction between teachers and students, students and students. Interactive learning complements the gap between demonstrative multimedia teaching and individual teaching under network conditions, which is conducive to the integration of information technology and subject teaching.

SMART Whiteboard Software has a powerful teaching function. The powerful interactive features of the whiteboard provide a new idea for our teaching: there are up to 7 different pens, diversified captures, curtains, magic pens, hidden, tables, transparent backgrounds, editable interactive flash templates, The teaching resources library, 3D functions, and internet connections make the teaching of teachers more convenient, vivid and interesting.

SMART INK function. Can write, recognize, erase, and capture under any software and program. It is compatible with writing, erasing, saving and original format saving functions in office applications, and PowerPoint file import and export functions.

SMART's resource-rich library of teaching resources. Teaching resources, including pictures, animation teaching materials, audio teaching materials, pages, editable FLASH activity templates, 3D resources, synchronization resources with PEP, and finished whiteboard courseware produced in accordance with the new curriculum standard.

SMART education and training features. SMART has a group of excellent education and teaching trainers in China and has rich practical experience. They will formulate corresponding education and training courses according to different customers. The goal of SMART training is not just simple functional training. More importantly, it is to deliver the latest interactive teaching ideas and ideas.

Second, a complete teaching product line. In order to further meet the different needs of the school, SMART has also launched SMART software and hardware products adapted to different teaching needs.

SMART SDC450 physical booth. Innovative design, the lens can be directly hidden in the body, shooting real size, size can be freely adjusted (the lens with the physical maximum distance 55cm). Really 5 million pixels, supports 1080p/30 frame projection display, not only very clear, but also can achieve camera-level fluency, the lens supports 8x optical zoom, 10x digital zoom, support for direct SD card insertion, directly read the contents With its own USB interface, you can capture the image directly into the USB flash drive without connecting to a computer. The USB cable connects directly to the computer. The contents of the booth can be directly invoked through the buttons in the Notebook without the need to switch the booth signal through the control. In the software, Hand touch the whiteboard to achieve a variety of control functions (focus, zoom image, captured to Notebook, etc.); support the industry's unique SMART 3D mixed reality technology, the content of 3D with the real Rubik's Cube.

SMART Classroom Suite interactive learning suite software, a set of software to meet all needs in teaching. The SMART Classroom Software Suite is designed for teachers and students. It incorporates SMART Notebook software, four easy-to-use software products that teachers use to create courseware and SMART Sync teaching management software—using this software to easily implement student computers. The management, SMART Notebook SE student software - students through the software learning, to complete is to arrange assignments, SMART Response CE interactive voting system - through the software to achieve student assessment. With this software, you can easily create, teach, learn, and evaluate easily.

SMART Bridgit distance learning software is used in the classroom. Really interactive classroom teaching is not limited to one classroom or even one school. Sometimes there may be the possibility of multiple schools teaching in different places at the same time. SMART Bridgit is a set of remote interactive collaborative learning software applied to the SMART software and hardware system. It uses the standard C/S architecture to share the computer screens of remote educators directly between different places. The teaching staff can use Windows and Mac. , iPad and other clients participate in teaching. Participating teaching staff not only can see the shared screen, but also can write, draw, and annotate on one screen at the same time. All written content can be directly saved to the shared host in the original format. Such a long-distance teaching method saves costs, shares quality teaching resources, and improves efficiency.

At the same time, in order to allow Chinese teachers to enjoy the pleasure brought by whiteboards, SMART promotes the role of whiteboard in teaching, and provides teachers with a whiteboard teaching stage. SMART holds two nationwide SMART course competitions with the Central Electro-teaching Center every year from 2009. Since it has been held for five years, the number of participating teachers has reached tens of thousands. Whiteboard demonstration schools and seed teachers have been established throughout the country, and exchange activities between various model schools and seed teachers have been held regularly.

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