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large size touch panel
May 21, 2018

Beijing time on June 11 news, China's touch screen network news, Matsushita Automobile and Industrial Systems Corporation has developed a new technology for electrode wiring film, can reduce the 20-70 inch large-size touch panel manufacturing process. Specifically, the etching process for forming the electrode wiring can be reduced from twice to once. In addition, two films had previously been required to be bonded and the process could be omitted using new technology. Matsushita said that it will start production of the electrode membranes it developed in June 2014.


     In order to reduce the etching process for forming the electrode wiring from twice to once, Panasonic has newly developed a resin film with copper foils on both sides, and the wiring can be formed on both sides by one etching process. In the past, two resin films with copper foils on one side were successively etched to form wirings, and then the two resin films were bonded together. The electrode film developed this time also eliminates the bonding process. Moreover, omitting the bonding process can also improve the positional accuracy of the two-layer electrodes, thereby increasing the sensitivity of the touch panel. By reducing the resin film from two sheets to one sheet, the thickness and weight of the electrode film are also reduced by about 1/2.

Illustration: Electrode film samples displayed by Panasonic at “JPCA Show 2014”. The electrode wiring material uses low-resistance copper, so it can be used on large 70-inch screens. In addition, the wiring of the touch sensor portion and the peripheral portion can be integrally formed.

     In addition, the use of new technology can also reduce the wiring width of the touch sensor part (cell part) and the peripheral part, making the wiring less visible, and also reducing the width of the part around the frame such as the frame and the visor to achieve a narrow frame . The wiring width of the touch sensor portion can be reduced from 5 [mu]m to 3 [mu]m, and the wiring width of the peripheral portion can be reduced from the original 50 [mu]m to 20 [mu]m. By increasing the adhesive strength of the resin film and the copper foil from 2N to 7N, even if the copper wiring is finer, it is not easily peeled off from the resin film, and adhesiveness is ensured. This is achieved by changing the previous method of vapor-depositing copper on the resin film to the method of attaching the copper foil using an adhesive.

     Panasonic also provides electrode wiring pattern design business. The company mentioned three design priorities: reducing ripple, increasing sensitivity, and increasing light transmission. The company will provide customers with the best electrode wiring design based on the characteristics of their own production of electrode membranes.

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