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meeting interactive touch whiteboard
Apr 23, 2018

Is smart meeting tablet, electronic whiteboard, and touch all-in-one the same thing?

    Is the smart meeting conference tablet, electronic whiteboard, and touch all-in-one machine the same thing? No! The answer must first be made clear. Smart meeting tablet, electronic whiteboard and touch one machine are three concepts. This is very important.

    Nowadays, many online peddling smart meeting tablets and many electronic whiteboards are hanging on the shelves, and of course, there are many more selling touch-sensitive ones. While introducing the smart meeting tablet and electronic whiteboard is emphasizing that the machine is the same as the touch one machine. What is the difference between these three?

    What is a touch one machine? Is the host (android or PC) and touch display together, is to touch the big computer, the international collectively: All in one. Is a hardware, how much size, what kind of performance configuration, are very passive needs. So all one machine, the brand is not the same, the application is not the same, many requirements will be different, such as: signal output, signal output switching, signal input, signal input switching, screen brightness, resolution requirements, led LCD Which of Samsung, AUO, LG,... is used, is the original LCD panel, or the original LCD glass, or the original LCD monitor, the configuration of the power driver version ... Shenzhen factory often according to different application requirements Customize it and even tailor it to your price requirements. The final result you understand.

    The electronic whiteboard has been named from the application level. His main purpose is to write characters. It was originally a standard office equipment. The main brand is Panasonic and so on. It does not refer to the touch-one. However, because China's primary and secondary education market has adopted a touch-based machine called the electronic whiteboard on a large scale, the market electronic whiteboard has become synonymous with the education of electronic whiteboards for primary and secondary schools. In fact, the electronic whiteboard should only be a touch display without a computer. It has the functions of high-definition display and good touch control. How to configure the host and what kind of software to use depends on the use scenario and purpose. This different specific product is the smart meeting tablet.

    The smart meeting tablet is a specific application level. When the electronic whiteboard differentiates the professional application market, the meeting room is the meeting electronic whiteboard, and the salon training is the training of the electronic whiteboard market. The multifunctional banquet hall is another kind of speech training for the electronic whiteboard market. For example, medical consultations, design institutes, etc., require different requirements, host requirements, and software requirements. However, we said that we need to play a whiteboard on the screen to realize the purpose of communicating with each other instead of the machine and the people. We call it the smart meeting tablet. Our brand name is “seepad”, which means that it can be like an iPad. A smart pad that is as smart and vivid as everyone can see clearly.

    The door to a new market is opening fast.

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