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meeting smart touch whiteboard
Apr 23, 2018

The conference tablet adopts infrared touch technology to achieve ten-point touch, and is equipped with functions such as writing, annotation, drawing, multimedia entertainment, and web conference. It integrates technologies such as human-computer interaction, flat panel display, multimedia information processing, and network transmission. In the era of enterprise conferences.

1. Powerful on-site interaction function;

2, rapid information processing capabilities;

3, humane features, and more creative solutions to meeting communication problems.

The MSMHUB smart meeting tablet integrates computers, projectors, conferencing software, electronic whiteboards, televisions, advertising machines, and audio. It has functions such as writing at any time, smart annotation, simultaneous human-computer interaction, multimedia, and remote video conferencing. Fusion of high-definition display, multi-machine interaction, multimedia information processing and network transmission and many other technologies.

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