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Metal mesh screen
May 21, 2018

China Touchscreen Network News, Japan Touch Panel Research Institute exhibited a table with a large touch screen with 30 to 40 inches in size. All of these touch screens use the copper mesh transparent conductive film developed by the company.


       In recent years, the application of touch screens has continued to expand with smartphones and tablets, and it is expected to further expand to large-screen displays in the future. However, the sensor electrodes of the capacitive touch panel used in smartphones and the like generally use oxide ITO, which has a relatively high resistance, and directly increases in size. Therefore, there is a problem that it is difficult for a touch sensor to react.

Illustration: Demonstration of a table with a large touch screen embedded with a copper mesh ITO replacement film

       Therefore, the Japan Touch Panel Research Institute enables a capacitive touch screen to support a large screen by making metal copper with a relatively low resistance mesh for the sensor electrodes. According to the research institute, although it was previously proposed to disperse metal nanomaterials in an adhesive coating, the copper mesh method can further reduce the resistance compared with this method, and thus can support a large size of more than 30 inches. screen. Moreover, another advantage of the copper mesh method is that copper wiring for connecting with the external substrate can also be formed at one time.

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