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metal mesh touch screen feature
Aug 02, 2018

multi touch:

Regular support 10/20/32 touch; with mouse function, support zoom, rotation; zero pressure touch, can also be manipulated with gloves; only the touch of the capacitive touch pen is effective;

• Positioning accuracy:

Precise touch, no drift, no ghost points; real-time response, touch response time is less than 4ms; sensitive operation, smooth writing; high precision, support for fine and small words;

• Advanced features:

Can be attached to any non-metallic smooth surface; flexible, can be applied to curved touch screen; from 10" to 180", multi-dimensional, non-standard custom; low power consumption, maximum power consumption is only 2.0W;

• Art Science Fiction:

High transparency, light transmittance ≥85%; light and thin, thickness is only 0.17mm; no border, pure and beautiful; through the glass touch, the maximum penetration thickness can reach 15mm;

• Safe and durable:

Sticking to the back of tempered glass, anti-scratch, high strength; waterproof, dustproof, acid and alkali corrosion resistant; no mechanical parts, long life; no exposed parts, asset safety; industrial grade, operating temperature: –20 °C to + 80 °C;

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