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metal mesh touch screen panel
Jul 12, 2018

1. Product Name: Metal grid capacitive touch film, English abbreviation mm touch

2, internal materials and processes: the working principle is the projection coupling capacitor work, the principle of mutual capacitance

3, using the additive technology to make the diaphragm, the feature is that it can cover the touch area to the greatest extent, and truly achieve no touch blind spots.

4. The interior uses silver bromide as a conductor, which has certain flexibility, is resistant to bending, and supports arc working. At the same time, the internal resistance coefficient is extremely low, and the impedance value is only 5 to 7 ohms under load. After the current is energized, the current inside the conductor will be larger and the charging and discharging time of the capacitor is shorter and more efficient. At the same time, under the action of large current, the current magnetic field will be stronger, then the sensitivity of the touch is higher, and the touch efficiency is correspondingly better.

5, the diaphragm thickness is only 0.2 mm, the thickness is very small, fit on the glass will not bring pressure to the internal space of the product, on the contrary can reduce the space requirements, can adapt to ultra-thin, ultra-light and ultra-small interior such as smart coffee table The characteristics of a small space. More widely used.

Due to the high sensitivity characteristics, our diaphragms can be fully adapted to ordinary thickness glass and specially treated glass of various thicknesses, and can support more special-shaped and different thickness glass requirements. Better industrial adaptability

1, the basic touch points: 10 points or more (you can customize more contacts)

2, size range: 15 inches to 84 inches (can be customized non-standard size)

3, touch deviation: ≤ 2mm

4, the number of capacitive sensors: the minimum number of 1376, the maximum number of 4224

5, energy consumption: ultra low power consumption 0.5W-2W

6, drive type: free drive

7, film thickness: extremely thin ≤100um

8, light transmittance: 93% or more

9, transmission method: USB2.0/USB3.0

10, power supply voltage: 5V USB

11, safety distance: 2mm (refers to the distance between the LCD screen and the diaphragm)

12, ambient temperature: -20 ° C to +70 ° C

13, internal resistance coefficient: 5Ω (more current touch is more sensitive)

14, waterproof coefficient: GB IP67 (this diaphragm supports outdoor high humidity continuous work)

15, touch bending support: horizontal overall curvature ≥ 100 can still double-sided touch

16, anti-interference, can work normally in strong magnetic field with strong magnetic radiation

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