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touch screen display monitor capacitive touch panel
Mar 16, 2018

Digital exhibition hall, also known as digital information exhibition hall, multimedia digital exhibition hall and so on. It refers to the exhibition hall method that uses multimedia and digital skills as display skills, attracts visitors with various novel skills, and completes human-computer interaction methods. The skills available for use now include digital signature platforms, electronic books (aka aerial books), phantom imaging, electronic sand tables, arc screens, ring screens, column screens, and touch screen machines.


 Hall method:

 The electronic signature integrated machine replaces the traditional registration method. Visitors can use the virtual pen or finger to directly write the name on the touch screen and modify the signature content.

 The touch-screen machine is an electronic flip book. On the touch screen e-book model, the hand-swinging action is performed, and the album is able to follow the wave of the hand. This book is the image of a book displayed on a touch-screen display. Can display videos, images, sounds, etc., greatly enriched the taste of reading.


 The digital showroom is widely used in real estate demonstrations, planned exhibition halls, high-end stores, and large-scale supermarkets. In the future, the digital touch-screen integrated machine will become an increasingly important part of daily life. The digital exhibition hall will be widely used in various occasions.


The application of touch screen machine in the exhibition hall

 The exhibition hall is oriented to "describe the company's image, demonstrate the company's strength, and communicate the company's civilization", and uses "science and technology is different and continues to develop" as the base value. Combining software, hardware, service consulting and media design, it can provide customers with a one-stop solution for VCD Digital Media Base, helping customers to open digital media at the most appropriate cost in a shorter period of time. In addition, we use high-end multimedia interactive skills and smart techniques to focus on the company's strength and brand value, together with the company's development status and prospects; reflect the company's brilliant development process and the precipitation of the desire and civilization, and strive to create a very visual impact Force, dynamic and static methods are linked to fill the brand's intrinsic personalized smart showroom.

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