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multi touch interactive whiteboard
Apr 26, 2018

The sudden change in the education market pattern Touch screens To replace electronic whiteboards, electronic whiteboards, from the date of birth to the current peak of popularity, in just a few years, has become a trump card in teaching, the growth rate of electronic whiteboard from 2008 to 2010 Up to 50% or more, it is precisely the demand for modern electronic products for teaching that has led to the high-speed eruption and popularity of electronic whiteboards. However, at the beginning of 2011, a growth momentum was quietly progressing. It was the emergence and upgrading of LED or plasma touch screens. It was precisely the requirements of users for the technical application and maintenance costs of teaching. The electronic whiteboard was experiencing gaps and Crisis replaced. Experts pointed out: In the future, the development of electronic whiteboards will trend downwards. The fundamental reason is the emergence of touch-one machines. The fuse is the “price war” of electronic whiteboard manufacturers.

Manufacturers reduce prices and try to grab the whiteboard market cake

In view of the broad market prospects of the electronic whiteboard industry, major digital display manufacturers are eager to share this big cake in the whiteboard industry, with the introduction of new technologies, new concepts, new products, or reduced product prices as a gimmick, earning users' attention. However, The consequence of everyone’s desire is that the current whiteboard industry’s market capacity is overloaded, leading to unfair competition among major brands, and by reducing prices to suppress malicious competition from competitors, and the direct consequence of such competition is to reduce the quality of products. At the expense of technology and services, the high-cost human and material resources are maintained in the teaching process, leading to an unhealthy development of the entire whiteboard market. In the entire electronic whiteboard encounter market chaos, the emergence of plasma or LED touch large screen is to meet the user's demand for electronic products, the gap, simple installation and operation and low-cost maintenance later make the touch screen machine gradually replaced in the field of teaching Whiteboard becomes a necessity.

Touching the big screen will inevitably replace the electronic whiteboard is an advantage

The highlight of this year's (2012) 61st Universal Education Exhibition is that in the five pavilions, the number of displays on the touch-sensitive machine's large screen and the models of different products are significantly higher than the electronic whiteboard, and it is worth mentioning that Most of the major electronic whiteboard manufacturers also display new products that touch the big screen at the same time. Among them, Honghe Technology, Hanwang Technology, Aibode and Tianshibo and other multimedia equipment companies all bring new products to their touch screens. . It can thus be seen that in the general education field, major manufacturers have acquiesced to this trend, and touching the big screen will erupt into the trend of rapid growth and popularity just like the electronic whiteboard of that year.

The trend of advantages:

First of all, touching a large screen is a combination of the five major hardware, eliminating the need for cumbersome manipulations of projectors, projection screens, audio, controllers, and computers, as well as making the maintenance of the later stage simple and easy to operate. At the same time, touching the large screen also reduces light pollution while also reducing light pollution, not being disturbed by external light, and it will not be as dark as a normal electronic whiteboard, and it will not be clear or reflect.

Second, the design of touch screens is diversified, and users can choose according to their own needs. The multi-touch unit is suitable for various scenes such as recording and live broadcasting. The system supports multiple types of media content input sources, including media resources (pictures, animations, videos, etc.) stored on a hard disk, and live video input/output (live video Streams can be integrated into the anchor system via SDI adapters).

In summary, the plain whiteboard, the traditional electronic whiteboard, the projector and the touch screen, from a single touch to a multi touch, is a wave higher than a wave, and the real popularity is not just a blind substitution of high technology. More development based on the user's own interests as an index, is the reason everyone began to pursue. In combination with teaching applications, products that can really promote the effective improvement of teaching can get great development.

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