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multi touch table
May 02, 2018

Under normal circumstances, we need to go to the counter for business, such as banks or some government agencies. However, many places have now implemented self-service for all types of business. Mainly to increase the self-service kiosk products, we can query the content according to operating tips. For example, in the corner of various business halls, there are different types of touch-operated kiosks. The touch-table type products are mainly displayed in the living room or in the exhibition hall.


In addition to a large number of product samples displayed in the pavilion, it is necessary to explain the product. Generally, it is staffed to complete it. But if there is a query to touch the table, we want to know what it takes to touch the table to see. For merchants, refined product introductions are performed by machines, which can save some labor costs and make the product more vivid. This time highlights the importance of touch screens, not only to have a good touch experience, but also to ensure a good visual effect. There is a layer of tempered glass on the surface of the inquiring touch table, which can ensure that the touch table has a certain resistance, even in the public areas where people come and go.

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