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OCA for touch panel
Aug 10, 2018

1. What is OCA?

OCA (Optically Clear Adhesive) optical adhesive is one of the raw materials of touch screen. It is made of double-sided adhesive tape by making optical acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive into a substrate-free adhesive layer and then applying an optical release film on the upper and lower bottom layers. Double-sided adhesive tape without base material, has the advantages of high cleanliness, high light transmittance, low haze, high adhesion, no crystal point, no bubble, water resistance, high temperature resistance, ultraviolet resistance, etc., and its thickness It has high uniformity and is close to the refractive index of glass, PC and PMMA. It will not cause yellowing, aging, fogging, detachment from the surface to be adhered and bubbles.

Second, the difference between OCA dry glue quality:

A good quality OCA can achieve the following effects:

1. It can reduce glare, reduce the loss of light from LCD or AMOLED display, increase the brightness of display and provide high transmittance and reduce energy consumption;

2. Increase the contrast, especially the contrast under strong light;

The surface connection has a higher strength;

3. Avoid Newton's rings;

4. The surface of the product is smoother and free of wrinkles, bubbles and impurities, and the displayed image has almost no effect through the OCA optical glue.

5. No boundary, expand the visible area; good defoaming effect, high TP yield, no yellowing, good rework advantages.

The poor quality OCA mainly has the following problems:

1. The process of sticking glue is prone to dead bubbles and cannot be defoamed.

2. After sticking the glue and removing the bubble, it will easily cause the bubble to rebound. Rework is required, which costs labor and costs.

3. It is easy to produce yellowing after using the glue for a period of time.

4. The protective film on the uncovering glue will produce an impression. There will be residual greasy rubber and asymmetry around.

Pay attention to the following points when purchasing OCA dry glue:

Focus on checking for indentations (materials are not allowed to have joints), creases, white spots, foreign objects, pinholes, depressions, bubbles, and wrinkles.

4. Die cutting of OCA optical glue:

OCA optical die-cutting processing factory generally uses optical die-cutting technology, optical glue product punching and hole-punching technology, optical glue linear bubble position adjustment technology; through the purchase of OCA optical collagen materials, and then according to different customers The process of OCA structure design, precision die-cutting processing, or the initial processing of slitting and other sales to the assembly site of the touch screen or display module, and through the in-depth understanding of the optical adhesive properties to help downstream manufacturers better apply optical glue and thus Downstream vendors have established more comprehensive and close links.

OCA optical die-cutting processing factory generally uses optical plastic die-cutting technology, optical glue product punching and hole-punching technology, optical glue linear bubble position adjustment technology; OCA structure design and adoption according to different customer's different fitting process After the initial processing such as slitting, precision die cutting is performed. Oujia has a number of patents for die-cutting technology, and its cleanliness and OCA yield are much higher than those of its peers. The production environment fully meets the film-changing process.

5. The application of OCA optical glue in some photoelectric display components is as follows:

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