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OPPO full screen handset patent exposure: cancellation
Jul 31, 2018

A few days ago, OPPO has applied for a number of patents for collapsible smart phones. At present, this technology is still in the patent stage. We can not know when the relevant products will be released.

Now, the OPPO full screen handset patent is also exposed, from the foreign media LetsGoDigital news, in September 12, 2017, OPPO applied for the "electronic equipment" patent at WIPO, which was published in July 12, 2018.

OPPO full screen handset patent exposure: cancellation

The patents show that it is a full-screen smartphone with a whole screen on the front and a double camera on the back of the device without any forward view. To compensate for the preview, OPPO has a touchable screen on the back of the phone that displays scenes taken with a camera.

By activating the display on the back, users can take self-timed photos with the main camera, which is usually better than the front camera.

In addition, patents show that the phone has waterproof and dust-proof functions. Finally, OPPO also selected several locations for the back screen, including double shots, double shots on the right and so on.

Considering only the patent stage, it is not clear whether the relevant products will be available.


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