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Optiacal Bonding
Jul 20, 2018

What is a full fit?

        From the structure of the screen, we can roughly divide the screen into three parts, from top to bottom, respectively, protective glass, touch screen, display. And these three parts need to be fit, and they can be divided according to the way of fitting.


Optical Bonding and Air Bonding.

    The frame sticker is also called a word-fitting adhesive, that is, the double-sided glue is used to fix the touch screen and the four sides of the display screen;

There is an air layer between the display and the touch screen.

    The full-fitting technology is to completely glue the display screen to the touch screen without gaps with water glue or optical glue.

Full-fit process compared to traditional frame-laying process


Better display. The full-fit technology eliminates the air between the screens, which greatly reduces the reflection of light, reduces the loss of light, enhances brightness, and enhances the display of the screen.

The screen isolates dust and moisture. The air layer of the ordinary fitting method is easily polluted by the environment dust and water vapor, which affects the use of the machine; the fully-fitted OCA glue fills the gap, the display panel is closely fitted with the touch screen, the dust and the water vapor have nowhere to go, and the screen is maintained. Cleanliness.

Reduce noise interference. In addition to the combination of the touch screen and the display panel, in addition to improving the strength, the full fit can effectively reduce the interference caused by the noise on the touch signal, and improve the smoothness of the touch operation.

Make the body thinner. The full-fit screen has a thinner body, and the touch screen and the display screen are glued with optical glue, which only increases the thickness of 25μm-50μm; it is 0.1mm-0.7mm thinner than the ordinary fitting method.

Simplify assembly. The assembly of the full-fit module and the whole machine can be directly fixed by means of snapping or locking screws, thereby reducing the assembly problem caused by the fitting deviation, and simplifying the assembly process and reducing the assembly cost.

At the same time, it helps the narrow frame design, and the border can be made narrower.

Full-fit process compared to traditional frame-laying process


Fully fitting technology development direction

Incell technology

Oncell technology

OGS/TOL technology

Traditional technology (GG, GG2, GF, G1F, GF2, GFF, etc.)

Fully fitting technology development direction

1.Incell technology

The technology of embedding the function of the touch panel into the liquid crystal pixel, that is, the touch sensor function is embedded in the display screen, so the original 3 layer protective glass + touch screen + display becomes a two-layer protective glass + with touch function The display makes the screen lighter and thinner. This technology is mainly developed by panel manufacturers, and the threshold for this technology is relatively high for any display panel manufacturer.


Currently using In-Cell technology is Apple's iPhone 5/5s, and Nokia's Lumia series of high-end phones.

In Cell technology screen layer: Incell's screen is bonded to the LCD layer by the surface glass (touch screen on the LCD layer), a total of 2 layers.



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