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panel pc fldable mobile phone
Jul 18, 2018

The replacement of mobile phones can be described as fast, only from the release of several new products from major manufacturers in a year. The recent hot full-screen screen seems to have not retreated, and now has a foldable phone. “Folding mobile phones bring consumers a visual experience that can satisfy larger screens in portable devices. The impact of this breakthrough is far greater than the comprehensive screen design that only changes in aspect ratio.” Yes, bigger and bigger Convenient mobile phones seem to have become our next demand for mobile phones.

Is the next tuyere behind the full screen foldable?

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"jumping" for several years of foldable mobile phones

A foldable phone, as its name suggests, is a foldable phone. It should be noted that this folding is different from the flip folding that is familiar to the public, but specifically refers to the folding of the screen. At present, the folding screen mobile phone is generally considered to be the next innovation after the comprehensive screen.

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Is the next tuyere behind the full screen foldable?

In recent years, various news and rumors about folding screen mobile phones have never been interrupted, especially Samsung's foldable mobile phones, but it has not yet entered the market due to the immature technology and the inability to confirm market demand.

However, the latest news shows that Samsung Electronics has pointed out that Samsung's collapsible smartphone has been completed and is currently undergoing mass production and will be available for sale in the first quarter of next year. Combined with the news that Samsung made a major breakthrough in folding batteries, Samsung's foldable mobile phone finally got out of the lab.

Is the next tuyere behind the full screen foldable?

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Over the years, Samsung has applied for a number of patents for foldable mobile phones. In 2008, Samsung first demonstrated a flexible OLED screen. By 2011, Samsung demonstrated a flexible AMOLED screen phone prototype at the CES Consumer Electronics Show. In 2014, Samsung released a concept video of a foldable mobile phone.

In the following years, rumors about Samsung's foldable mobile phones continued to flow out, but the products were never listed. Until last year, Gao Dongzhen, president of Samsung's mobile mobile business, clearly stated in an interview that he plans to release a foldable smartphone in 2018, so that the outside world has a better understanding of the time of the product. But Gao Dongzhen also said that there are still some problems that need to be overcome.

The durability of flexible folding screens is the most difficult problem to solve. Qiu Yubin, deputy general manager of WitsView Research at TrendForce Photoelectric Research Center, pointed out that “the current component challenge of folding mobile phones is still mainly due to the folding of AMOLED panels, especially in the folding tolerance and folding radius. Secondly, in order to meet The folding demand can not have too much compromise on the protection strength, and the material of the cover plate is also a development bottleneck. The problem of the design of the mobile phone itself is how to maintain the volume (especially the thickness) similar to the current mainstream products. size."

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Is the next tuyere behind the full screen foldable?

The next vent at the full screen?

It is worth mentioning that in addition to Samsung, a number of mobile phone manufacturers including Huawei, OPPO, LG, and Apple are interested in foldable mobile phones.

Last month, news from Korean media said that Huawei is developing a collapsible smartphone. Its partner is the domestic display manufacturer BOE, and it is expected that Samsung will release the world's first foldable mobile phone in November. Other mobile phone manufacturers also There are successive patent exposures for collapsible mobile phones.

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Is the next tuyere behind the full screen foldable?

WitsView judges that one or two folding mobile phones launched by mainstream mobile phone brands will be officially unveiled in the market in the next two to three quarters. Although the number of available sales may be very limited, at least the folding mobile phones will be commercialized. An important milestone.

Counterpoint research director Yan Zhanmeng also told Time Finance that the production time of foldable mobile phones will be between the next six months and one year. He pointed out that the proportion of mobile phone screens has increased from 70% to 80%, and now it has exceeded 90%. When the screen ratio reaches more than 90%, it can no longer be high, only from the perspective of folding screens. Go to break through.

“Folding mobile phones bring consumers a visual experience that can satisfy larger screens in portable devices. The impact of this breakthrough is far greater than the comprehensive screen design that only makes changes in aspect ratio.” Qiu Yubin pointed out to Times Finance that If the product design is successful, it will likely become the most important source of kinetic energy for the mobile phone market in the next few years. In addition, it will also stimulate a larger area of the screen, and it is also an important indicator for expanding the capacity of the panel for the oversupply panel factory.

The market research firm Strategy Analytics reports that it expects to ship 700,000 global foldable smartphones in 2019, but the market will expand rapidly and is expected to reach 50.1 million in 2022. Some insiders believe that 2019 will be the first year of folding screen mobile phones, and with the popularity of 5G in 2020, the mobile phone industry will also reshuffle while welcoming technological changes.

Is the next tuyere behind the full screen foldable?

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The concept of curved screen and full screen has only entered the public eye soon, and the folding screen has to be unveiled. It is still unknown whether subversive products can be accepted by the market. For most consumers, in addition to whether the appearance of the product can meet the price increase brought by the public aesthetic and technology upgrade, whether the new form can make all the functions of the mobile phone work harmoniously is also the key. At that time, the folding screen should be smoothly taken over. I am afraid that the full screen class is not so easy.

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