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touch panel cover glass AF AG AR
Aug 01, 2018

3D glass cover board surface AF, AG, AR coating, do not be foolishly confused!

3D glass cover coating is like women make-up, not only can make the glass cover, back more beautiful, but also play an anti-oxidation, acid and alkali resistance, anti-ultraviolet effect. Therefore, mobile 3D glass coating is very necessary in today's "face looking" era. However, glass coating is not a kind, different coating plays a different role, this article focuses on AF, AG, AR coating, I believe you will not be able to see after the end.

Name interpretation and principle

1.AF - Anti-fingerprint, Chinese is anti - fingerprint. The general SiO2+AF material (DON, M4, Dow Corning AF material) is usually made by vacuum evaporation coating.

Principle: AF antifouling and fingerprint proof glass is based on the principle of lotus leaf, coating a layer of nano chemical material on the surface of glass, reducing the surface tension of glass to the lowest, reducing the contact area between dust and glass surface by 90%, so that it has strong hydrophobicity, anti oil pollution, anti fingerprint ability, and the glass panel of the screen keeps bright and bright for a long time. The effect.

metal mesh touch panel  (2).jpg

Suitable materials: all kinds of glass or plexiglass PC, PMMA, PET...

2. AR-anti-reflection, Chinese for anti-reflection and anti-reflection, by improving the glass (screen) transmittance, reduce the glass (screen) reflectance to the purpose of anti-reflection. There are many materials to choose. Generally, high and low refractive index materials are stacked and plated. Vacuum evaporation plating or magnetron sputtering plating can be used.

metal mesh touch panel  (1).jpg

Principle: when light is shot from light to light material, the reflected light will have half wave loss. After plating AR film on the glass, the reflected light on the surface is more than half the difference of the light path difference on the front surface of the membrane. The reflection light of the two surfaces before and after the film is eliminated, which is equivalent to increasing the energy of the transmission light. Moreover, the two surfaces of glass can be reduced simultaneously by coating on both sides of the glass simultaneously.

capavitive touch screen  (2).jpg

Suitable substrates: glass, acrylic (PMMA), PC, CR39 and other plexiglass.

3. AG - anti-glare, Chinese is to prevent light, it is the effect of multi angle diffuse reflection after the special treatment of the surface of the glass surface or double side, thus improving the visual angle of the picture, reducing the interference of the ambient light, and reducing the screen reflection. It can be made by spraying + baking, and colloidal solution such as SiO2 is used.

capavitive touch screen  (1).jpg

Principle: through the scattering and diffuse reflection of light, reducing reflection can achieve the aim of preventing dizziness and preventing glare, so as to create clear.

Transparent visual space, so as to have a better visual enjoyment.

big size touch screen  (2).jpg

Next we will talk about the process of fingerprint prevention.

(1) pretreatment: use weak alkaline detergent or solvent to remove oil stains, moisture and other stains on the base surface, and then use ultrasonic cleaning effect.

The fruit is better.

(2) the AF solution was coated on the surface of the product.

Baking: after spraying, remove the glass and put it in the oven (120 degrees, 30 minutes), adjust to the specific requirement and product condition.


Clean: after the product is clean, the finished product is packed.

The three coating processes are almost the same, except for the way of coating and the change of potion, such as AR process.

As follows:

big size touch screen  (1).jpg

Cleaning, drying, coating, curing and tempering at high temperature

Three, characteristics and application fields

1. AF coating product characteristics:

1) antifouling: prevent fingerprints and oil stains from being easily adhered and erased easily.

2) scratch prevention: smooth surface, comfortable handle and not easy to scrape flowers.

3) thin film: excellent optical performance without changing the original texture;

4) wear resistance: it has true wear resistance

AF coated products applications: mobile phones, flat-panel, TV, LED and other glass displays.

2. AR coating product characteristics:

1) high penetration: nanoscale optical coating technology can increase the transmittance of ultra white glass by 2-3%

2) durability: for 25 years in a bad environment

3) prevent condensation: inhibit the condensation of photovoltaic glass greatly.

4) scratch resistance hardness: after coating, it can increase 1H hardness and scratch proof effect.

5) anti stagnant water: water droplets drop on the top of the water droplet angle >110 degrees, the panels slide automatically in the tilted state, and do not affect the view.


6)easy clean: and the volume can be reduced by 80%, which is very easy to clean up.

touch panel.jpg

AR coating products applications: automotive front and rear windshield, solar photovoltaic industry (solar panels), smoke pumping machine, outdoor large-scale advertising screen, etc.

big touch screen.jpg

1) reflect infrared rays: reduce the penetration rate of infrared rays on the surface of glass to reduce the incoming infrared light.

2) enhance the transmittance: enhance the transmission of other light sources while reflecting the infrared ray, and do not affect the indoor lighting effect.

3) prevent glare: change the light emitted by the light source and diffuse the reflection (AG coating essence) to change the reflected light to the visual thorn of the observer.


Application fields of AG coating products:

1) the frames of expensive paintings and paintings in high galleries and galleries keep the paintings and pictures for a long time and will never fade.

2) the protection of valuable cultural relics such as museums and archives.

3) electronic whiteboard, DLP/LCD touch screen and DLP/LCD TV wall. It has high transmittance and anti glare.

4) precision instrument screens, medical equipment windows, LCD windows, electronic products windows, etc.

5) KFC, McDonald's and other restaurants order card, the name of the commodity is clearly visible, and will not see the phenomenon of light reflection.

6) Airport, hotel indicator, indicator screen and so on.

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