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Apr 08, 2018

The touch inquiry machine or the inquiry machine has appeared in our daily life or work. For example, by using the inquiry machine in the telecom business hall, we can check the situation of calls and preferential policies; in the inquiry machine of the train station, we can Check train tickets and choose tickets to pay for printing; large touch one machine is also used in the electrification teaching effect. Therefore, it can be said that the touch one machine is widely used, and we should make some understanding of the technical advantages and application advantages of the touch inquiry machine.

Below, it is up to us to introduce you in detail the touch inquiry machine.

Technology and application advantages.

1, technical advantages

1.1, touch technology, support for USB interface touch screen, support for handwriting input function, with other software can achieve electronic whiteboard, drawing and other interactive features;

1.2. The integrated machine body design brings convenience for installation and maintenance, as well as a dedicated base for adjustable touch.

1.3, multi-touch, maximum support 36 touch, ten fingers with the same;

1.4, professional design 30 ° -90 °, high elevation angle, adjustable, touch models dedicated base, allowing users to adjust the best use of the desired angle;

1.5, resistive, capacitive, infrared, optical, acoustic wave touch screen;

1.6, no touch drift, automatic correction, can be precise operation;

1.7, can use the finger, soft pen to touch;

1.8, high-density touch point distribution: more than 10,000 touch points per square inch;

1.9, high definition, no glass work. Low environmental requirements and high sensitivity. Suitable for work in various environments;

1.10 High-performance resistors, capacitors, and infrared touch screens with over one million click lifetimes. No need to use a mouse or keyboard. Just tap or stroke the screen with your hands to perform all operations on your computer, making your computer easier to use. . The biggest innovation of touch computers is that it uses multi-touch technology, which completely changes the way people interact with computers.

2, application advantages

2.1 Touch inquiry machine is used for business inquiries and related information display in the financial industry;

2.2. The touch inquiry machine is used for business inquiries or product promotion in telecommunications, mobile and Unicom business halls;

2.3 Touch inquiry machines are used in shopping malls and shopping malls for promotion of promotional products and other commodity inquiries;

2.4. Touch inquiry machines are used in large-scale cinemas for video display and movie appreciation;

2.5 Touch inquiry machines are used for self-service a la carte and publicity in the catering industry;

2.6, touch inquiry machine in teaching applications can be used in multimedia teaching or with the use of electronic whiteboard to achieve multimedia teaching.

      In addition to the above industries, there are many application sites that can be used. In the traditional advertising machine industry, the touch inquiry function can display the contents of publicity more vividly, and can achieve good interactive results, obviously increase the position of the audience in advertising, and become passive and active.

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