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May 17, 2018

From LG Electronics' OLED digital signage business promotion program, we may be able to snoop on one or two. Officials at LG Electronics revealed that for the launch of OLED digital signage products, the company plans to start large-scale digital signage products in public places, such as international airports, and gradually expand the product line. When it comes to the division of the digital signage application market, airport applications are undoubtedly representative of high-end applications because of their high standards, large size, and stringent requirements. Does this mean that the high-end market will become the trial market for OLED digital signage?

The reason why the high-end application market is valued by OLED display companies is determined by the development characteristics of the OLED display at this stage. As an emerging technology, if OLED displays want to gain a foothold in the digital signage market, they must first highlight the characteristics that are different from traditional large-screen display technologies, and conquer industry users with new and bizarre. The solution can be seen, for example, for digital signage applications, Samsung introduced a mirror display and transparent display, and plans to integrate Intel's RealSense technology in the future to develop virtual fitting rooms and interactive digital control through gestures and sounds Signage applications; LG introduced a convex OLED panel. The investment in innovative technology is destined to the OLED display will not be the price of civilians, especially in the absence of large-scale applications, if you want to promote the smooth, high-end applications that pursue quality and give priority to the price will naturally become The first choice.

In addition to cost reasons, the high-end industry's emphasis on creative design is more in line with the current development needs of OLED digital signage. With the opening of the application era, in the digital signage industry, the provision of featured solutions has become the key to enterprise innovation. However, due to cost control, in the low-end market, the company's innovation space is limited, while in the high-end application market. For example, the international airport, because of the need to match the application environment, application equipment, etc., the application needs of the industry users itself is higher, combined with the specialization of demand, thus providing digital signage companies with a broader platform for innovation. This is exactly what OLED digital signage "upstream" is in urgent need of - in the presence of LCD digital signage to meet application requirements, why do industry users choose emerging OLED digital signage? More stunning visual effects are an inevitable prerequisite.

With the broadening of the application concept of digital signage, its application form has become more and more diversified - LCD screens, DLP splicing screens, and LED display screens can be called digital signage with appropriate solutions. Today, OLED displays The addition of the screen will undoubtedly make the competition once again heated up in the fierce market. Especially for the liquid crystal display, both are mainly pushed by the display giants represented by Samsung and LG, and can be described as technical support, market distribution, etc. "With the same door," and, in recent years, relying on the maturity of core technologies, the development of the high-end LCD market has become inevitable. The positive PK of LCD digital signage and OLED digital signage is inevitable. In the high-end digital signage market in 2016, this PK battle will become the core aspect.

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