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Apr 11, 2018

According to the report of the financial association, TCL Group said in an earlier interview that the group has invested RMB 35 billion to build a 6-generation flexible AMOLED panel production line in Wuhan. This production line will focus on the production of small-size OLED panels.

At present, this production line is already under construction and will be mass-produced by 2020.

With respect to large-size OLEDs, TCL is also actively engaged in technology research and development. Currently, Guangdong Juhua Printing and Display Technology Co., Ltd. has been established to exclusively develop large-size OLED panels.

Although domestic OLED panel manufacturers have increased the layout of related industries, key equipment, core materials, and meta-components are mainly in the hands of upstream companies such as Japanese companies and Korean companies.

OLED display technology differs from traditional LCD display methods in that it does not require a backlight, uses a very thin coating of organic material and a glass substrate, and these organic materials emit light when current passes through them. Moreover, the OLED display screen can be made lighter and thinner, have a larger viewing angle, and can significantly save power consumption.

South Korea’s Samsung Electronics began manufacturing OLEDs in about 2000. In 2005, it began to manufacture flexible OLEDs and accumulated more than 10 years of experience in production processes. In the small-size OLED display, the market share exceeds 90%, and it still occupies a dominant position in the OLED market.


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