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touch screen table
May 29, 2018

The smart multi-touch coffee table integrates practicality, interactivity and entertainment. It is a multimedia center and information information platform. The combination of graphic and audio, interactive audio and video, just a touch, immediately experience the different control experience . While pointing to tea, we would like to point our country. Coffee table, even so can make people love at first sight!

        Custom super toughened glass surface, high transparency, easy to clean. Impact strength is 3 times that of ordinary glass, and can withstand temperature changes of 250 degrees or more, which has a significant effect on preventing hot burst. There is no difference between the top and bottom of the display, and the human-computer interaction experience can be realized no matter where it is touched. The use of the Snowdome touch-pointing invention patent, the use of nano-touch sensing display on the transparent glass plate, touch precision, responsive.


        There are Android, win7 and other operating systems for users to freely choose, interactive design port open, in line with the mainstream operating platform application and development standards, for application software design, touch video or display pictures bring excellent interactive gestures. Excellent extensibility, can be connected to PCs, digital cameras and other electronic devices, USB/VGA/HDMI and other interface options, multimedia playback, photo display, multiplayer interactive games.

        Simple design, without any fancy decoration, featured North American fine black walnut, table frame, one-piece, hand-polished. Each small piece of log is only used as a table leg, and the four sides are evenly cut into pieces. The quality is excellent, and the excellent ones are selected. With a unique polishing process, the entire coffee table has a black gold-like luster, a low-key luxury and a natural beauty.

Feature Highlights:


 1. The screen is parallel to the desktop and no longer faces the user. Many people can watch from different angles at the same time.

 2, no mouse, free to achieve zoom in, zoom out, rotate, drag, several people can control the desktop at the same time.

 3. Uniqueness: The use of large-screen touch tables has overturned the traditional desktop form and can be widely used in restaurant tables, game tables, smart teaching, entertainment venues, cinemas, airports, television stations, and museums. With the promotion of nanotechnology, a simple table can support multiple people to entertain and work at the same time, becoming an active desk and a table that can be interactive

 4, more touch. Create immersive mixed reality information exchange sensory experience and real-time interactive control


Application area:


       Rest areas for supermarkets, banks, shopping malls, hotels, etc.

       Cafes, Western restaurants, and other places can integrate menus, ordering, checkout, advertising, and other integrated software on smart coffee tables

       The company's living room, available smart coffee table display company's ideas, products and other information

       Retail store

       Banking or insurance industry to provide customer inquiries or as a self-service portal

       The travel industry for customer support or as a self-service portal

       Real estate industry for personal support

       Airport, station, as a self-service portal

       The medical industry for interactively providing patient data and images

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