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May 11, 2018

Fan Zhiming, General Manager of Wanda Optoelectronics, a touch panel plant, said that it will not be able to integrate the traditional touch module integration thinking. For the next three years, it will build a variety of standard modules to provide integration of various types of touch panels and display panels. Sex services.

Fan Zhiming said in an interview with the Central News Agency on the 26th that Wanda Optoelectronics' touch control products are locked in industrial control, and other niche-type product markets such as military regulations, medical displays, and other competitive consumer products such as cell phone touch have been steadily growing. .

He said that the touch control applications of industrial control products do not require mass production and the products are diversified. They supply 200 to 300 manufacturers in one month. The newly introduced module integration service can provide standardized modules so that customers do not have to research and develop themselves. Can meet the specification requirements of new products.

He explained that the most common industrial product screen is 15 inches, and others such as 7, 12, 19, 21, and 24 inches. Through modular integration services, the tolerance of touch products has been greatly improved, and the life span has been extended. Optical effect.

He said that Wanda Optronics has locked the touch panel market in the non-consumer market with about 40% of industrial control products, more than 10% of medical and military regulatory products, about 28% of commercial products, and many commercial products such as vending machines. Lottery ticket machines, cash registers, and cash machines are mostly low-price competitive products. They hope that the future commercial products will be reduced to 25% and that they can maintain a certain scale.

Wanda Optoelectronics was established in 2002. Its main products are high-temperature 5-wire resistive and projected capacitive touch panels. Its proportion in 2017 was 47% and 43% respectively. The 5-wire resistive type is used in all types of products from 3.5 inches to 27 inches, and the projected capacitive touch technology can provide 3 to 84 inches of products, and the multi-point resistance type is applied to 5 to 17-inch automotive and military regulations products.

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