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touch scren panel all in one display
May 17, 2018

Beijing time on March 06 news, China's touch screen network news, man-machine interface touch screen black screen how to repair. In recent years, the sales of human-machine interfaces in China have shown a rapid growth. The usual man-machine interface is no longer a simple manifestation and control. At present, in the domestic automation industry, some industries that do not originally use human-machine interfaces have also started to use human-machine interfaces. The user interface of the human-machine interface can better reflect the status of equipment and processes, as well as the visual and touch effects. Give customers a more intuitive experience.


    Wei Lun touch screen is the abbreviation of Wei Luntong touch screen (Human Machine Interface). In recent years, the WEINVIEW brand has been focusing on the Chinese HMI market. Products have been widely used in machinery, textile, electrical, packaging, chemical and other industries.

    Its main products are MT6050i, MT6056i, MT6070i, MT6100i (progressive) MT8000 (Advanced with Ethernet Series), MT6000series (General Purpose), TK6000series (Universal), MT8000series (Network), MT8000Xseries (Professional).

    Today, the metalworking to WEINVIEW MT506MV touch screen as an example to talk about the touch screen black screen repair methods and techniques, I integrate the maintenance methods and techniques in the maintenance case to explain, no longer separately explain:

    One case of WEINVIEW MT506MV touch screen black screen repair

    Disadvantages of the machine: repaired due to black screen

    The machine is also a DC 24V power supply, first with a multimeter to measure the resistance between the 24V power input and the ground, more than 2 trillion ohms, no short circuit, and then open the back cover of the machine, measure the power supply protection wire, intact.

    So give the machine 24V DC, power indicator light, initially determined that the power circuit is normal.

    With the flashlight screen, you can see the screen content on the screen, indicating that the signal driver board was working and the signal was output normally. The on-screen display chip is also initially determined to be normal.

    At this point, this situation depends on the lamp or high pressure problem. (High-voltage board is broken is a whole blackboard, there will not be any changes. Most of the high-voltage board is damaged, it will show off the shortcomings of the "such as: 12V power supply main capacitor bulge and so on.) High-voltage board by the power board Power supply, initially determined that the primary low-voltage power supply circuit of the high-voltage package is normal, and the next step is to distinguish whether the high-voltage package is bad or the lamp is bad, and the high-voltage package outputs an external lamp, and if the light is a screen lamp, the problem of the high-voltage package is not bright.

    I have a lamp tester on hand, so I use the lamp tester directly, disconnect the power supply of the display, and the tester is powered on. After the lamp is disconnected from the high voltage board, the tester is connected to the tester. The lamp is off. The lamp is broken.

    In order to be accurate and secure, a good lamp is used to connect to the high-voltage output of the machine. The lamp is normally lit, and the lamps in the screen are certainly broken. The screen lamp used in the machine is L-type, because there is a ready-made screen on hand, it directly changed a new screen for the customer.

    Power testing the whole machine, the shortcomings disappeared, the screen display screen is normal, and the machine is repaired.

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