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touch table application
May 19, 2018

he touch coffee table is multi-touched, and a coffee table is used to form a touch-sensitive touch device for daily use of the coffee table.

MultiTouch technology refers to a technology that allows a computer user to control a graphical interface with multiple fingers at the same time. Of course, the multi-touch technology corresponds to a single touch. The single-touch devices have been in existence for many years. Small-size touch-enabled mobile phones have large-size ATMs and queueing machines. A multi-touch device is composed of a touchable device (eg, a computer monitor, a desk, a wall) or a touch pad, and the software recognizes the point where the touch action is performed at the same time. This is different from the common touch screens on the market (eg, computer touch panels, bank ATM counters). The common touch screens on the market can only recognize single or double points.

Microsoft has had the original idea of this product since 2001, allowing an interactive table to recognize and understand the physical behavior of physical objects. Although these are more related to academic fields, they have seen the demand for rich and intuitive interactive products, and Everyone can use it. In 2003, a prototype named after T1 was born. A hole in the IKEA table was dug out, wrapped in kraft paper for construction, and gradually began to evolve. Various early applications have also been gradually developed, such as table tennis, photo browsers, video puzzles, etc. When more applications are developed, people are aware of this model's greater prospects.

Multi-touch technology has brought a lot of start-ups, not only limited to multi-touch devices, but also led to more relevant devices. E Lebao is based on this technology to innovate from the structural components of the product. It integrates traditional office furniture such as coffee tables, tables, and showcases. It integrates the multi-touch interactive platform perfectly, making it subversive in functional applications. The change, these everyday furniture used to see the transformation into a powerful high-tech machinery, but also become the center of work life and entertainment, so that people in the daily experience of practical touch technology to facilitate the convenience.

Multi-touch coffee table

The basic composition is as follows:

 Traditional coffee table structure

Host control system

 Imaging system

 Touch control system

 TV broadcast control unit

Product function editing

1. Can integrate the basic business needs of multiple industries, such as KTV song, food ordering system, real estate exhibition, telecommunications / mobile / banking self-service business, car pre-sale display, wedding photography display, tourism attractions, museums / Science Museum introduction and other functions

2. Interactive entertainment system, multi-touch interactive games, multi-person participation, active atmosphere, increase user spending;

3. Can connect to the Internet, web browsing, information acquisition.

4. Peripheral information inquiry, convenient service

5. Extended functionality (other real-world applications may require secondary development)

Product Features Edit

First, high cost performance.

One can replace the old-fashioned coffee table, dining table and peripheral multimedia entertainment facilities, improve the grade, reduce costs, cost-effective high

Second, multi-touch, many people operate at the same time.

Unique optical interactive sensing imaging technology, real multi-touch, no ghost points; fully compatible with TUIO and Windows multi-touch standards; to achieve simultaneous recognition of more than 100 touch points; user finger touch sensing, unlike projection interactive games, only Recognizing the arm waving, it cannot achieve dazzling touch gesture control. At the same time, more than 10 people operate without disturbing each other.

Third, flexible configuration flexibility for personalized users to provide different design services to meet the individual needs.

Appearance according to customer needs to design different styles, sizes, materials, etc., the desktop can choose tempered glass or LCD screen, host configuration can also be flexible according to the needs of you to create the most cost-effective products.

Fourth, rich industry needs and applications, cross-cutting operations, increased sales,

Widely used: family, KTV, bars, restaurants, real estate, wedding photography, communications, banking, tourism, exhibition halls, science and technology museums, museums, etc.

Fifth, the surface is flat.

The surface is glass, and unlike the infrared frame multi-touch screen, there is a 1-2cm border protrusion.

Six, waterproof, scratch, fight.

The surface of the coffee table: waterproof, scratch-proof, and shock-resistant, fully meet the performance requirements of the traditional coffee table (infrared box can not be achieved).

Seven, high sensitivity.

High refresh rate: The refresh rate of the touch is 60fps, and the touch experience is first-rate without any lag.

Eight, high-definition screen.

4:3 HD picture, ultra-short focus high brightness projector. Unique anti-interference light design, can work under the sun and spotlights.

Industry Application Editor

The multi-touch interactive multimedia platform, without a mouse and keyboard, interacts with computers through human gestures, touches, and other external physical objects, changing the way people interact with information.

Innovation is a process that requires a step-by-step approach, shaping, and practice. From the aspect of innovation in the general direction, a vivid interaction mode of the E Lebao multi-touch interactive platform is unprecedented in other experimental design methods, or has not been expressed in such a detailed manner—the interaction between humans and computers. E Lebao is widely used in daily life and work. Such as: KTV multi-touch interactive coffee table, multi-function table, multi-touch real estate pre-sale display terminal, telecommunications / mobile / major banks multimedia self-service terminals, multimedia digital wedding display tables, museum display tables, car 4S shop multi-functional interaction Pre-sale display terminals, travel agencies, multimedia display terminals, etc., are widely used in all walks of life.

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