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whiteboard educational software
May 05, 2018

The touch-one and interactive whiteboards are commonly used in teaching. The functions used to replace blackboard writing have become more common nowadays. In the process of communicating with customers, some customers asked, the touch-sensitive machine and the electronic whiteboard are more advanced, and the durability is better. The following small series is for your specific analysis.

Which is more advanced than the touch screen and electronic whiteboard?

The answer is: The touch screen machine is more advanced than the electronic whiteboard. If the blackboard is the first generation of educational products, then the electronic whiteboard is the second generation of teaching products, and the touch screen integrated machine is the third generation of products.

The use of an electronic whiteboard requires the use of a computer and a projector. The touch one is a device that integrates a computer, a television, a monitor, and a speaker. It can be used directly by simply plugging in the power. The function and convenience of the touch screen all-in-one are better than those of the electronic whiteboard, so the price of the touch one is higher than that of the electronic whiteboard.

Electronic whiteboard

【Electronic Whiteboard】

Which one is more durable than touch screens and electronic whiteboards?

The answer is: The touch-sensitive machine is better than the electronic whiteboard. The electronic whiteboard is composed of several separated parts such as a projector and a writing board. The regular maintenance of each part increases the total cost. The lamp life of the projector is limited, generally not exceeding 3,000 hours, which means that the bulb must be replaced every one to two years. The price of light bulbs is expensive, at least more than 1,000 pieces each, which often discourages users. The touch screen integrated machine is characterized by low maintenance costs in the later period. The test service life is about 60,000 hours, which is equivalent to a service life of about 10 years. It does not require the use of human and material resources for replacement and maintenance.

Some customers think that the touch-one is a liquid crystal screen that is easier to break than an electronic whiteboard. Students may easily damage the screen during use. Actually, the large-screen touch screen machine is actually installed with tempered glass (see the internal composition of the touch-sensitive machine). Hardness will not be lower than the electronic whiteboard, as long as you don't want hard objects to beat hard, there will be no problem.

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