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65 Inch Metal Mesh Copper Multi Touch Screen

65 Inch Metal Mesh Copper Multi Touch Screen

Cinotop has been with the certificates of ISO13485:2003; ISO/TS16949:2009; ISO14001:2015; ISO9001:2015.It is also successfully awarded the National High and New Enterprise, and currently owns more than 221 patents in total .

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Metal mesh Copper Multi touch screen              


1.What’s metal mesh touch screen?            

The principle of Metal Mesh is replacing the traditional ITO with impalpable mesh line which is made by metal such as copper and acting as XY sensor lines. Metal itself cannot transmit light, so the width of cross line must be smaller than 5um, which is invisible by naked eye. It is usually applied in medium and big size touch panel. If it is used in small size touch panel, there will have reflective phenomenon due to light refraction. Current technology requests blackening treatment.  


2.What’s metal mesh?

• Metal Mesh is a mesh patterned Cu film by advanced photo-etching technology.

• Enables transparent conductors with outstanding electrical conductivity at High Transparency and Flexibility.

• Diverse Novel Platform Technology with multiple application verticals in various markets  


3.What’s advantage of metal mesh touch screen?

High light transmission, low sheet resistance, excellent flexing, full size display. Can be used into many touch screen application, such as multi-touch whiteboard, touch table, touch wall.


touch panel

SNSizeItemCover Lens O.D.V.A. dimensionChanels (RX*TX)IC Solution to applyBezel sizeRemarks
132''CNT032001-V1.0461.93*767.48700.4*394.85144(52*92)EETI EXC80H68108STAG19mm+2
243''CNT043001-V1.0985.00*625.00942.7*531.2200(72*128)EETI EXC82H80136STCG22mm+2
355''CNT055001-V1.01308.4*778.6mm1212.8*683.6198(72*126)EETI EXC82H80136STCG27mm+2
465''CNT065001-V1.01501.48*877.801429.1*804.1206(74*132)EETI EXC82H80136STCG31mm+2chanel decrease
565''CNT065002-V1.01501.48*877.801429.1*804.1308(112*196)SIS 9+226mm+2
775''CNT075001-V1.01711.66*991.441652.66*930.94370(134*236)SIS 13+327mm+2
875''CNT075002-V1.01711.66*991.441652.66*930.94206(74*132)EETI EXC82H80136STCG31mm+2chanel decrease
986''CNT086001-V1.01978.04*1148.961898.04*1068.96372(134*238)SIS 13+327mm+2



NIC SolutionCodeChanels(RX*TX)Suggested TP SizeControl BoardRemarks

10EETItemporarily stopped314(196*118)65-86temporarily stoppedsupplier best chanel 
11WEIDATM1.8174(112*62)32-43temporarily stoppedsample inhouse
13WEIDATM2.1414(256*158)65-86220*123Nano silver Y shape
15SHARPLR0G969X398(255*143)86以内100*130+100*2202control boards


touch panel 

Educating white board

会议白板 2

Meeting White board

touch panel



About us

touch panel 

Cinotop Electronics Co., Ltd. (stock code: 834148) is a public company integrating with R&D and sales of capacitive touch panel and touch products. Granted many international system certifications like ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, IS01348, TS16949 after 2011, Cinotop also successfully awarded the National High and New Enterprise, and currently owns more than 170 proprietary intellectual property rights. With integrating the resources of touch panels and touch products, we built the brand "CINOTOP" for marketing, the main touch panel size covers from 32 inches to 110 inches. Our company independently develops and sells touch panels for Touch Tables, Electronic Whiteboard and Projective Whiteboard to many different industries such as catering, entertainment, education, office, business, etc.

The company locates in Guanlan High-Tech Industrial Park of Shenzhen with modern, huge and gleaming office. We currently have 300 employees, including 5 with overseas diploma doctor degree, 30 with bachelor degree, 80 with college technician degree. Featuring with the average age of 30-year-old in the middle and high level management. Cinotop is a sun enterprise full of vigour and energy!

The perfect enterprise management system, innovative develop and strategic visualization, powerful core technology and good management in personnel has been laying a solid foundation for the sustained development of the company. “Pursue high quality without end, serve customer with heart and soul.” is the everlasting culture concept of our company. We strive to win the cooperation opportunities with domestic and overseas customers in multi-win and diversity ways, to lead the new trend of the time of huge-size capacitive touch panel and work together for a better future!



Cinotop Electronics Co., Ltd.’s 86" Metal Mesh Copper Multi-Touch Panel is selected as a CES 2019 Innovation Awards HONOREE in theVideo Displays product category. This means that your product scored highly across all judging criteria, and it joins a small percentage of other products that are given this honor each year. Congratulations on your accomplishment! 


Company Culture

Company business philosophy: Honest bussiness, to give back to society.

Company purpose: The pursuit of high quality has no end, wholeheartedly for customer service.
Company quality policy: Quality is the life of enterprise; Respect customer Suggestions for improvement.
Company quality objectives: Delivery accuracy, product qualified rate, customer satisfaction, are higher than the industry standard.
Principle of environmental protection: For future generations, leaving a piece of blue sky.
Company's core values: Customer service wholeheartedly.
Talent development concept: Virtuous and talent people, Special offering ; virtuous but no talent ,training appointments  ;talent but lack virtuous ,limit appointments ;no virtuous and no talents ,firmly not use . Small victory by wisdom,big victory by morality .


metal mesh touch panel  




Our company Cinotop Electronics Co., Ltd. is located the beautiful and convenient city shenzhen of the Great Bay Area in China, it occupies 2400acres. and 60people, we owns the top machines, and technical staffs,

Our company Cinotop Electronics Co., Ltd. has been established in the year 2011. Our factory is located in the beautiful and communicate convenient area of GuanLan Town, Longhua new district of Shenzhen City China.

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1.We will attend CES LA NV Jan-8 to 10th 2019,show booth#south1 22065&south plaza 60823.



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