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86 Inch Multi-touch Screen For Interactive Conference Monitors

86 Inch Multi-touch Screen For Interactive Conference Monitors

86inch touch screen for interactive eboard high performance multi-touch screens for the professional digital signage monitors, for the Next generation Interactive Touch Monitor ideal for corporate applications & education. The ultimate interactive whiteboard for speed and accuracy.

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86 Inch Multi-touch Screen For Interactie Conference Monitors

This metal mesh touch screen replaces the horizontal and ertical axes of expensie nano-films to cause blind spots of touch, and eliminates the unsafe factors of ultra-thin glass of traditional capacitie screens, completely eliminating the problem that the appearance of the whole machine is too thick and too heay.

The diaphragm is only 0.3 mm thick and has a ery small thickness. It does not put pressure on the inner space of the product when it is attached to the glass. On the contrary, it can reduce the space requirement, and can adapt to ultra-thin, ultra-light and ultra-small internal small space such as smart coffee table. Characteristics. More widely used.

Performance ParemeterProduct Common Sizes
86 Inch
Part NumberCNT086001CTP
Controller SolutionEETI/SIS
Power Consumption<2W
Touch Point10
Operation Temperature-15℃~+70℃

multi-touch.pngmulti-touch screen.jpgcustom your own size.png

Performance ParemeterProduct Common Sizes 
32 Inch43 Inch55 Inch65 Inch70 Inch75 Inch86 Inch 
Part NumberCNT032001CTPCNT043001CTPCNT055001CTPCNT065001CTPCNT070001CTPCNT075001CTPCNT086001CTP
 Power Consumption<2W<2W<2W<2W<2W<2W<2W
Touch Point1010101010-20 10-20 10-20 
Transmittance >85%
Operation Temperature -15℃~+70℃ 
Multi-touch screen Newest technology you aought to have
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