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Capacitive Touch Panel Glass Sensor Interactive PC

Capacitive Touch Panel Glass Sensor Interactive PC

We Cinotop 86 inch metal mesh Cu touch panel get the 2019 CES Innovation Adward. We are the global No1 manufacturer in 86 inch metal mesh Cu touch panel.

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Capacitive Touch panel glass sensor interactive PC               



Metal mesh technology technology using silver, copper and other metal materials or oxides and other easy to get and cheap raw materials, PET and other plastic film formed by the formation of conductive metal mesh pattern. With the touch panel large size, low cost, and the traditional ITO film can not be used for flexible applications, conductivity and light transmission and other essential problems are not easy to overcome and other factors, metal mesh and technology can meet the performance specifications of these products The Application of metal mesh technology to produce the proportion of thin film products increased year by year. Metal mesh technology products, the theoretical minimum resistance value of up to 0.1 ohms / square inch, and there is a good electromagnetic interference shielding effect, greatly enhance the touch sensitivity. Technology applications can be from the smart phone's common panel size all the way extended to 86 inches above the device, and its resistance, extensibility, bending are better than ITO film. Patterning technology, the metal grid pattern line width from the original 5um ~ 6um, reduced to 3um or so. From the technical development and market application of comprehensive evaluation, metal mesh will be the protagonist of the recent emerging touch technology.

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SNSizeItemCover Lens O.D.V.A. dimensionChanels (RX*TX)IC Solution to applyBezel sizeRemarks
132''CNT032001-V1.0461.93*767.48700.4*394.85144(52*92)EETI EXC80H68108STAG19mm+2
243''CNT043001-V1.0985.00*625.00942.7*531.2200(72*128)EETI EXC82H80136STCG22mm+2
355''CNT055001-V1.01308.4*778.6mm1212.8*683.6198(72*126)EETI EXC82H80136STCG27mm+2
465''CNT065001-V1.01501.48*877.801429.1*804.1206(74*132)EETI EXC82H80136STCG31mm+2chanel decrease
565''CNT065002-V1.01501.48*877.801429.1*804.1308(112*196)SIS 9+226mm+2
775''CNT075001-V1.01711.66*991.441652.66*930.94370(134*236)SIS 13+327mm+2
875''CNT075002-V1.01711.66*991.441652.66*930.94206(74*132)EETI EXC82H80136STCG31mm+2chanel decrease
986''CNT086001-V1.01978.04*1148.961898.04*1068.96372(134*238)SIS 13+327mm+2



NIC SolutionCodeChanels(RX*TX)Suggested TP SizeControl BoardRemarks

10EETItemporarily stopped314(196*118)65-86temporarily stoppedsupplier best chanel 
11WEIDATM1.8174(112*62)32-43temporarily stoppedsample inhouse
13WEIDATM2.1414(256*158)65-86220*123Nano silver Y shape
15SHARPLR0G969X398(255*143)86以内100*130+100*2202control boards






  1.  intelligent interaction spaces. 

  2. intelligent education all-in-one machines. 

  3. self-enquiry terminal devices. 

  4. advertisement machines.  

  5. industrial intelligent control use.

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Cinotop Electronics Co., Ltd.’s 86" Metal Mesh Copper Multi-Touch Panel is selected as a CES 2019 Innovation Awards HONOREE in theVideo Displays product category. This means that your product scored highly across all judging criteria, and it joins a small percentage of other products that are given this honor each year. Congratulations on your accomplishment! 


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Our company Cinotop Electronics Co., Ltd. is located the beautiful and convenient city shenzhen of the Great Bay Area in China, it occupies 2400acres. and 60people, we owns the top machines, and technical staffs,

Our company Cinotop Electronics Co., Ltd. has been established in the year 2011. Our factory is located in the beautiful and communicate convenient area of GuanLan Town, Longhua new district of Shenzhen City China.

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A  :  We accept T/T , Western Union ,Paypal , L/C , D/A , D/P , MoneyGram.


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A: DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX, EMS are okay. if in large quantity, we will send by sea.


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A: Yes, we will give you the Tracking Number once we get it , and you can view the shipment status on the corresponding website .


Q : i am a reseller , i would like to know what's the wholesales price ?

A : thank you for your inquiry ,  we will give the best price all the time . if you need large quantity ,the price will better more .


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1.We will attend CES LA NV Jan-8 to 10th 2019,show booth#south1 22065&south plaza 60823.



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