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Highly Sensitive Touch Panels

Highly Sensitive Touch Panels

CINOTOP's Big size Highly sensitive electrostatic capacitance-type Touch Panels are with the following parameters:~available at standard sizes such as : 43'' 55'' 65'' 70'' 75'' 86''~Very Lw surface resistance;~GFF configuration;~Copper wiring sensor,~AR film+Glass+OCA+Sensor film X + OCA + Sensor film Y Structured~Line width of 3um, which is invisible at naked eye, and thus makes the display more clear HD difinition;~Available for custom support with conductive pattern designs of sensor film based on customer needs: include Conductor materials; Mesh line width; Conductor thickness; Max display sizes;Contact us for the details: ava@chinacts.com.cn

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Standard Product lists:

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SNSizeItemCover Lens O.D.V.A. dimensionChanels (RX*TX)IC Solution to applyBezel sizeRemarks
132''CNT032001-V1.0461.93*767.48700.4*394.85144(52*92)EETI EXC80H68108STAG19mm+2
243''CNT043001-V1.0985.00*625.00942.7*531.2200(72*128)EETI EXC82H80136STCG22mm+2
355''CNT055001-V1.01308.4*778.6mm1212.8*683.6198(72*126)EETI EXC82H80136STCG27mm+2
465''CNT065001-V1.01501.48*877.801429.1*804.1206(74*132)EETI EXC82H80136STCG31mm+2chanel decrease
565''CNT065002-V1.01501.48*877.801429.1*804.1308(112*196)SIS 9+226mm+2
1556*878308(112*196)SIS 9+225mm+2stop
775''CNT075001-V1.01711.66*991.441652.66*930.94370(134*236)SIS 13+327mm+2
875''CNT075002-V1.01711.66*991.441652.66*930.94206(74*132)EETI EXC82H80136STCG31mm+2chanel decrease
986''CNT086001-V1.01978.04*1148.961898.04*1068.96372(134*238)SIS 13+327mm+2

We CINOTOP ELECTRONICS CO Ltd is a professional Projected Capacitance Multi Touch screen glass, touch sensor and touch glass manufacturing factory located in the beautiful GBA in Shenzhen city China, we can customize various technical specifications of Touch Screen Sensor Glass and Sensors: from small size to Super sizes, immediate response, achieved smooth human-machine communications for your touch monitors, right now are widely applied at the following feilds: Interactive Education touch screens, electronic white boards, conference big screens, touch tables, multi touch contacing center machines, touch digital signage machines, casinos, all ect.

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