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Interactive Touch Screen Accessory At Big Size 86''

Interactive Touch Screen Accessory At Big Size 86''

Interactive touch screen accessory at big size 86inches, with USB interface port, applicable on education interactive moitors, teach monitors, whiteboard. also applicable for lectures, theatres and classrooms to conference halls and boardrooms all places,this 86inches big touch screen is to apply on a powerful interactive interface through which presentations and educational materials are beautifully displayed and the audience truly engaged monitor. Whereever there's Life, There's Touch!

Interactive Touch Screen accessory big size at 86inch


32-110.jpgmulti-touch screen.jpgmetal mesh.jpg

Technical Parameters:

~Different sizes available: 32" 43" 55" 65" 70" 75" 86''

~Touch Points:10-40

~Structure: GFF

~Process Tech.: Metal Mesh Copper

~Features: High transmittance, low resistance, longer lifetime, excellent response time and touch accuracy

~Applied in Interactive Whiteboard for meeting and education, digital signage, kiosk etc.

Performance ParemeterProduct Common Sizes 
32 Inch43 Inch55 Inch65 Inch70 Inch75 Inch86 Inch 
Part NumberCNT032001CTPCNT043001CTPCNT055001CTPCNT065001CTPCNT070001CTPCNT075001CTPCNT086001CTP
 Power Consumption<2W<2W<2W<2W<2W<2W<2W
Touch Point1010101010-20 10-20 10-20 
Transmittance >85%
Operation Temperature -15℃~+70℃ 

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