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Metal Mesh 43 Inch Touch panel

Metal Mesh 43 Inch Touch panel

Multi Touch Sensor glass metal mesh cu technology: - Invisible pattern - Metal Mesh technology - G+F+F structure - Customized solution - Possible to select glass presence - Strong against EMI Noise - Customization Option - FPCB Design, Sensor pattern, IC maker, - Glass design and customization

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What’s metal mesh?
• Metal Mesh is a mesh patterned Cu film by advanced photo-etching technology.
• Enables transparent conductors with outstanding electrical conductivity at High Transparency and Flexibility.
• Diverse Novel Platform Technology with multiple application verticals in various markets 

What’s advantage of metal mesh touch screen?
High light transmission, low sheet resistance, excellent flexing, full size display. Can be used into many touch screen application, such as multi-touch whiteboard, touch table, touch wall.


Add:3-4 F., Building B, Penglongpan Hi-Tech Park,
Dafu 2nd Rd., Dafu Industrial Park,
Guanlan Street, Longhua New District,  
Shenzhen, China   
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Fax: 0086-755-83459818
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