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Metal Mesh Multi Touch Glass For Home Center

Metal Mesh Multi Touch Glass For Home Center

Metal Mesh Mutl Touch Projective Glass for Home Center PC and Teaching and Meeting system PC, all in one Description Flexible films that can be formed. molded and withstand torsions and tension, that is low cost manufacturing cost, and can be more long service life compared to tradition ITO and other projection Capacitive Touches technologies

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Metal Mesh Mutl Touch Projective Glass for home center, its also fitable for Teaching and Meeting systems, and its all in one PC

SNSizeItemCover Lens O.D.V.A. dimensionChanels (RX*TX)IC Solution to applyBezel sizeRemarks

132''CNT032001-V1.0461.93*767.48700.4*394.85144(52*92)EETI EXC80H68108STAG19mm+2

243''CNT043001-V1.0985.00*625.00942.7*531.2200(72*128)EETI EXC82H80136STCG22mm+2

355''CNT055001-V1.01308.4*778.6mm1212.8*683.6198(72*126)EETI EXC82H80136STCG27mm+2

465''CNT065001-V1.01501.48*877.801429.1*804.1206(74*132)EETI EXC82H80136STCG31mm+2chanel decrease

565''CNT065002-V1.01501.48*877.801429.1*804.1308(112*196)SIS 9+226mm+2

670''CNT070001-V1.01556*878308(112*196)SIS 9+225mm+2stop

775''CNT075001-V1.01711.66*991.441652.66*930.94370(134*236)SIS 13+327mm+2

875''CNT075002-V1.01711.66*991.441652.66*930.94206(74*132)EETI EXC82H80136STCG31mm+2chanel decrease

986''CNT086001-V1.01978.04*1148.961898.04*1068.96372(134*238)SIS 13+327mm+2


Touch MethodProjected Capacitive SystemPCT
Number of TouchUp to 10 touch pointsMulti Touch
Size46 Inch (Diagonal)16:09
Outline Dimension1063.21 x 625.79 mm
View Area1020.8 x 575.4 mm
StructureFilm Sensor / OCA / Film SensorFilm Sensor : Metal Mesh
ThicknessFilm Sensor : 0.113mmWithout Glass
OCA : 0.15mm
Film Sensor : 0.113mm
Total : 0.376mm
Transmittance>85% ± 1.0%>D65
Haze< 3.0 ± 1.0%
Input MethodBare Fingers / Thin Gloves / Conductive Pens
Support OSWindows 7, 8, 8.1
Android 4.4
Output Position Resolution15360 x 8640
Recommended Glass Thickness4 ~ 5mm
Response Time< 18ms
Communication InterfaceUSB 2.0 HIDNo Driver reuqired
Power SourceUSB




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