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Metal Mesh Touch Screen For Monitor 86 Inch

Metal Mesh Touch Screen For Monitor 86 Inch

Touch screen table restaurant display 1 . Product introduction of touch screen table restaurant display Touch screen table restaurant display , Which make people’s life more colorful. Projected capacitive touch screen, multi-touch, multi-person operation, no-interference with each other. High...

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Metal Mesh Touch Screen For Monitor 86 Inch

1. Product introduction

~Multi-touch at 10 to 40 finger points;

~Super low resistance;

~ work with active or passive pen;

~Supper narrow boarder

~ high flexibility

~slim overlapping structure;

~applicable on projector, white screen, white board, computer, advertising player, new generation blackboard, LED displayers;etc,

2. Product Parameter

Model No



86   Inch

IC solution




Total Thickness

5.45   ± 0.2 mm



Cover   Lens O.D.

1939.60mm   * 1125.60mm ± 1.0 mm

Active   Area

1898.04mm * 1068.96 mm ± 0.10 mm

Surface   hardness

>   6H



3. Product feature



4. Product details

As with the capacitive screen, different conductive line modules are etched on the two layers of conductive material coating. The patterns etched on the two modules are perpendicular to each other and can be thought of as sliders that vary continuously in the X and Y directions. Since the X and Y architectures are on different surfaces, a capacitor node is formed at the intersection. One slider can be used as a drive line, and the other slider can be used as a detection line. When a current passes through one of the wires in the drive line, if there is a signal of a change in capacitance from the outside, it will cause a change in the capacitance node on the other layer of the wire. The change of the detected capacitance value can be measured by the electronic circuit connected thereto, and then converted into a digital signal by the A/D controller, and the computer can perform arithmetic processing to obtain the (X, Y) axis position, thereby achieving the positioning purpose.

5. Application



6. Product of Qualification








1. Are there any features of this metal mesh touch screen?

High light transmission, super low sheet resistance, full size, excellent flexing, etc.

2. What solution of control board?

We mainly use the control boards of SIS, EETI. Sharp and other solutions can be supported upon customer’s specific requirement.

3. How many touch points?

10 to 40 touch points or more.

Sample price is 164.27, if you order more than 10pcs, our price will be much favored
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