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MTouch Interactive OverLay 84''

MTouch Interactive OverLay 84''

84 Multi Touch Interactive OverLay glass is 84''at diagonal, its metal mesh technology, more sensible, more swift responsablity, transparency and durable at using

84 Multi Touch Interactive OverLay glass is 84'' diagonal,

its metal mesh technology, 

More sensible and more transparency than traditional materials;

Cinotop Large MTouch Glass for interactive Meeting, teaching screens at 84'' 

Multi-touch Projected Capacitive Developement Kit 84''CNT084001CTP-V1.0

~Better heat radiation

~Surface waterproof

~Anti-static impact resistance

~surface light with 175centi degree wide viewing angle 

~TV studio, control center, video conference; teaching rooms widely applied

interactive overlay.jpg

2)Product Parameters to Interactive Large Multi Touch Glass interactive 84''  Metal Mesh touch PCAP accessory for all interative monitors/ displayers

S/nSizeItem#VA sizeChannels (RX*TX)Solution to matchBorderremarks
132''CNT032001-V1.0700.4*394.85144(52*92)EETI   EXC80H68108STAG19mm+2
243''CNT043001-V1.0942.7*531.2200(72*128)EETI   EXC82H80136STCG22mm+2
355''CNT055001-V1.01212.8*683.6198(72*126)EETI   EXC82H80136STCG27mm+2
465''CNT065001-V1.01429.1*804.1206(74*132)EETI   EXC82H80136STCG31mm+2decrease   chanel
570''CNT065002-V1.01429.1*804.1308(112*196)SIS   9+226mm+2
670''CNT070001-V1.01556*878308(112*196)SIS   9+225mm+2temporal
775''CNT075001-V1.01652.66*930.94370(134*236)SIS   13+327mm+2
875''CNT075002-V1.01652.66*930.94206(74*132)EETI   EXC82H80136STCG31mm+2decrease   chanel
986''CNT086001-V1.01898.04*1068.96372(134*238)SIS   13+327mm+2

3) all kinds of interactive touch boards are applicable


feature application.png

1)Cinotop Full Touch Projected Capacitive Touch Panel 84''

2)Cinotop screens are supportive screens both for stylus and passive stylus writings

3)IC solution we appliy are as follows: 

EETI/ SIS and Sharp or Displax to be accord to the market needs.

4) Leadtimes to our PCAP production:

~Samples: two weeks or around that;

~Production Leadtimes would be : 4week for mass


84 Multi Touch Interactive OverLay glass is 84'' diagonal, its metal mesh technology, More sensible and more transparency than traditional materials;
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